Putting STEM education to music

LOCK HAVEN — On Nov. 9, Lock Haven Catholic School hosted a mobile Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Camp through the PEERS Foundation from Grand Rapids, Mich. The name of the program was “Create: Music.”

Representatives from PEERS spent the day working with the LHCS middle school students by leading them through interactive and entertaining activities that focused on STEM concepts and music.

The students participated in four different activities:

r In design lab, students worked with Verto Studio which incorporated CAD software and 3D design concepts. Students designed a snowman and manipulated the vertices to create a nose. They were able to add different features and textures as well. They added a cello for the music component.

r In coding lab students used a program named “Scratch.” They learned how to code a drum set in order to play a tune. They also had to code a piano so that it would play a song.

r Students used a “littleBits” synth kit in engineering lab. Using electric currents, they created music. They learned about sound waves and the different engineering jobs that utilize the technology.

r During prototype lab students worked in groups to conceptually design an app that would play music.

The LHCS students were able to use their imaginations, science, math and organizational skills through all of the labs during STEM Camp.