Zion couple married on TV celebrates 60 years

PHOTOS PROVIDED Harry and Mildred Miller, seen in a recent picture, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last Sunday.

ZION — Most couples marry without much fanfare; a ceremony with friends and family, maybe an announcement in the newspaper.

But Centre County couple Harry Allen Miller, of Bellefonte, and Mildred Louise (Tate) Miller, of Pleasant Gap, had their wedding broadcast on national television in 1957.

Harry and Mildred, who met roller skating near Penn State University, had been together for eight years before their wedding ceremony aired on the NBC reality show “Bride and Groom.” They celebrated their 60th anniversary Sunday, Nov. 19.

When they married, Mildred was working as a beautician, owning and operating Mildred’s Beauty Bar in Pleasant Gap. Harry had served in the Quartermaster Corps of the U.S. Army during the Korean War and was working as an office employee with Correctional Industries at Rockview Penitentiary. Both graduated from Bellefonte High School.

Mildred, who worked at White Rock Quarry before opening the beauty shop, used to come home for lunch every day. “Bride and Groom” was on one day when she was home, and they were asking for people to submit letters to the show.

Harry wrote a letter titled “Our Love Affair” to the producers of the show for a chance to win a televised wedding, gifts and a free honeymoon.

He did not think his application would be selected, but the producers were struck by the earnestness of his story, which The Express has published in full.

The couple was selected from thousands of applicants all over the U.S.

They traveled to New York City by bus.

“Everything was paid for from there,” said Harry.

The couple had their 15-minute ceremony televised in the New York studio of the National Broadcasting Co.

“There were people crowded around a storefront in Bellefonte to watch our marriage,” said Harry.

Bernice Olson, a relative of Harry’s dad who lived in California, just happened to see the ceremony on television.

The couple said they received many letters from other couples who had watched the ceremony and whose names were also Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller.

After the ceremony, they drove to Boston for a five-day honeymoon where they stayed at the Sheraton-Plaza Hotel. They also received many gifts like gold wristwatches, china, luggage, silver, RCA Camden records and, fittingly, an ice skating rink.

The Millers, who now live in Zion, are both retired. They hosted a family get-together on their anniversary to celebrate the milestone.

They have a daughter, Dixee Wagner, of Zion, a granddaughter, Kendra Bardo, of Centre Hall and a great-grandson, Mason Bardo.

For the Millers’ 50th anniversary, they traveled back to New York to see the Rockettes with their daughter and granddaughter.

As a tribute to the starry beginnings of their marriage, their license plate reads “WedOnTV.”