CM students place engraved bricks in wetlands area for Foundation fundraiser

Natural Resource students spend a cold class period laying foundation bricks around benches located at the wetlands at Central Mountain High School. PHOTOS PROVIDED

MILL HALL — The Keystone Central Foundation is fulfilling a pledge made long ago, and with the help of Central Mountain High School students.

Selling bricks engraved with personal messages as a fundraising campaign for scholarships has come to fruition, thanks to natural resources management teacher John May and his students.

District fundraising and communications coordinator Angela Harding, who serves as liaison to the foundation, reached out to May, asking for assistance from his students to incorporate the bricks at the newly developed wetlands education area at Central Mountain.

“I have worked with Mr. May on several projects, including teacher mini-grants provided by the foundation,” Harding said. “When I asked John if his classes would be interested in laying the bricks around the benches located at the walking path kiosks, he didn’t hesitate on agreeing to help.”

The bricks are placed as footpads at each of the four benches situated along the wetland walking path at the high school.

The brick project is three-fold: It acknowledges donors to the foundation for the purposes of setting up scholarship to help students, it helps May teach his students applicable skills, and it relieves property services from needing to trim around the benches.

The wetlands area was made possible through a grant from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Natural resource classes designed kiosks featuring four different aspects of the wetlands, built benches for each kiosk, designed map brochures, and have now constructed the brick footpads.

The wetland education area is open to the community.

After the foundation was re-organized in the early 2000s, the brick project became a way to raise funds for scholarships.

Various proposals to place the bricks were pursued over the years.

The placement of the bricks is a long-time coming and the foundation made it a priority this past year.

“We want to thank all of the donors for their contributions and their patience,” said Karen Brandt, foundation board president. “We’re happy to see this come to fruition. We’re also grateful to Mr. Mayes and to his students for helping to make this a reality.”

Keystone Central Foundation is a 501(c)3 created over 25 years ago to support Keystone Central School District, its students, educators, and the entire educational community. It is lead by a volunteer board of directors who administer student awards, teacher mini-grants, teacher awards, and special project funding.

The Foundation continues to sell bricks that will be placed at the wetland education area.

More information is available by contacting Harding at, or foundation board member Stuart Hall.