JS school board elects new member

Dr. John Pecchia

JERSEY SHORE — Dr. John A Pecchia was elected in a 6-2 vote to fill the Jersey Shore Area School Board’s vacant, two-year seat.

Voting at a special meeting this week for Pecchia were Craig Allen, Harry Brungard, Christopher Fravel, Merrill Sweitzer, Mary Thomas and Kelley Wasson.

Karen Stover and Michelle Stemler voted for another candidate, Angela Grant.

There were four candidates who applied for the position, including Pecchia, Grant, Jan Moore and Shelley A.R. Helm.

“The board acts as a committee of the whole essentially. There are nine board members, and the superintendent is a non-voting member of the board,” said J. David Smith, district solicitor. “The vacancy here in question is for a two-year term, and it will be up in the 2019 municipal election. It will have to be filled by a vote at that time.”

The vacancy was for Region 3 consisting of Bastress, Crawford, Limestone, Nippenose and Piatt townships.

The open seat occurred because Harry Brungard won two seats in the election, one for a four-year term and one for a two-year term. He opted to take the four-year term seat, which left the two-year seat vacant.

The board had 30 days from Brungard’s decision to fill the vacancy, orr until Dec. 30 to elect a new member.