Old Photo Album

Renovo Ladies Aid more than a century ago


This group is the Renovo Ladies Aid around the year 1900. Based on the names written on the back of the photo, the people may be, in the front row: Gloria Bordon, Mrs. Humes, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Uhlen, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Troup, Mrs. Heitzman, Mrs. Uhl and Mrs. Seholtz; in the middle row: Gloria Randel, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Swanson, Mrs. Weichsel, Louise Altroter, Mrs. Miller, Josie Unkel, Mae Morton, Alice Unkel and Mrs. Randel; and in back: Bess Johnson, an unknown woman, George Love, Rev. Weichsel, Frank Sellborg, Mrs. Sellborg, Mrs. Morton, Mrs. Leonard and Mrs. Dean. Western Clinton County historian Charles Barnum is sharing this photo with other Express readers. Anyone who can help with the names is asked to contact Wendy Stiver at The Express, 570-748-6791 or wstiver@lockhaven.com.