Local working couple has New Year baby boy

MARK NANCE/FOR THE EXPRESS Kirstin and Jared Gist of Jersey Shore rang in the new year by welcoming baby Noelan Robert into the world. Weighing 8 pounds, 9 ounces, Noelan arrived at 1:50 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2018 at UPMC Susquehanna’s Williamsport Regional Medical Center.

Just before 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day, weighing 8 pounds and 9 ounces, a very healthy Noelan Robert Gist was born at the UPMC Susquehanna Williamsport Regional Medical Center, the first newborn of 2018 in the county.

He is the first child of Kirstin and Jared Gist, of Jersey Shore.

“He arrived at 1:50 a.m.,” said Kirstin, a native of Jersey Shore and a 2008 graduate of the Jersey Shore Area Senior High School.

“It’s a relief. His due date wasn’t until Jan. 13, but we had an inkling that it was going to be much sooner than that. So here he is,” Kirstin, the Independent Living Assistant Coordinator for the Clinton County’s Department of Children and Youth, said.

“We’re excited, proud and relieved. Last night was a very rough day for mom,” the father said, holding the infant in his arms as Noelan dealt with a minor episode of the hiccups.

“I was right there in the room with her. I got to help with the actual birthing. I didn’t think I was going to get to do that, but I got to see his head coming. It was pretty neat,” Jared, a native of Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northumberland County, said.

Kirstin went into a labor at home about 9:30 p.m. Saturday. The couple arrived at the hospital the next morning and Kirstin’s water broke early that afternoon.

At first, the delivery was not an easy one.

“He got stuck because his little head was tilted instead of being straight forward,” Kirstin, a 2012 graduate of Lock Haven University where she majored in music education, explained.

“After more than two hours of pushing, they called the doctor in, but miraculously his head was right there in the right position (no longer tilted). He was ready. The midwife took care of everything, and they told us he is in perfect condition,” Jared, an equipment operator for the Levee and Street Department in Lock Haven, said.

“The hospital staff has been phenomenal. The doctors and nurses have bent over backwards,” Jared said

Noelan is the first grandchild for both Kirstin’s parents, Noel and Tammy Russell, of Jersey Shore, as well as Jared’s, Robert and Yvonne Gist of Mount Bethel.

“We have all girls on my side of the family, so this is a huge deal, having the first boy,” Kirstin said.

“He was spoiled even before he was here,” Jared, a 2005 graduate of Susquehanna University, where he majored in music performance, said.

“He’s going to be a little prince,” the proud father said.

The mother and baby were expected to be discharged from the hospital Tuesday.