First responders awarded grants of over $300,000

State Rep. Mike Hanna has announced that volunteer and career fire departments and emergency medical services and rescue companies in the 76th Legislative District have been awarded grants totaling $317,914.

The grants are part of the Fire Company, Emergency Medical Services Companies Grant Program administered by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.

Hanna said the grants can be used toward repairing, building or renovating facilities.

The money also can be applied toward the purchase of new equipment, training and certification of staff, or it may go to repay debt related to equipment purchases or facility building and maintenance.

Clinton County recipients in the 76th District are:

r Avis Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1, $11,911.82;

r Beech Creek-Blanchard Fire Co., $12,833.30;

r Beech Creek-Blanchard Fire Co. EMS, $3,517.40;

r Chapman Township Volunteer Fire Co., $12,096.11;

r Citizen Hose Co. No. 5, $15,000;

r Citizens Hose Co. of South Renovo, $11,543.23;

r Dunnstown Fire Co., $13,754.78;

r Goodwill Hose Co. Ambulance Association EMS, $7,037.40;

r Goodwill Hose Co. No. 3, $11,390;

r Hand In Hand Hose Co., $13,201.89;

r Haneyville Volunteer Fire Co., $11,543.23;

r Hope Hose Co. No. 2 Inc., $13,570.48;

r Lamar Township Volunteer Fire Co., $8,916;

r Nittany Valley Volunteer Fire Co., $11,543.23;

r Renovo Fire Department, $13,201.89;

r Renovo Fire Department EMS, $7,037.40;

r Sugar Valley Community Volunteer Fire Co. Inc., $11,543.23;

r Volunteer Fire Co. of Mill Hall, $12,096.11;

r Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Co., $9,734;

r Woolrich Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1, $13,201.89.

Centre County recipients in the 76th District are:

r Citizens Hook & Ladder Co. No.1, $13,939.07;

r Howard Volunteer Fire Co. No.1 Inc., $15,000;

r Miles Township Fire Co., $11,727.52;

r Pine Glen Volunteer Fire Co., $13,017.59;

r Pleasant Gap Fire Co. No. 1, $13,754.78;

r Pleasant Gap Fire Co. No. 1 EMS, $7,037.40;

r Snow Shoe Ambulance and Rescue, $7,037.40;

r Snow Shoe Fire Co. of Snow Shoe Borough, $11,727.52.

“It is most gratifying to see our first responders – who give so much time and effort to their communities – be awarded this financial assistance,” Hanna said. “These organizations embody community safety and are critical to all Pennsylvania communities.”

While these companies started the application process many months ago, it is important for applicants to take the next step and access their grant agreement forms. Once applicants return their grant agreement forms and they are reviewed by the OSFC, the money will be disbursed.