Lock Haven Catholic School 50-year anniversary

‘Shout Out’ to Lock Haven and the surrounding community

PHOTO PROVIDED Lock Haven Catholic student form a cross in the sanctuary at Immaculate Conception Church.

Thank you for being our home here on Water Street since the 1967-68 school year. You have helped us grow and thrive over the past 50 years, so now the LHCS students of the 2017-2018 school year want to recognize this extraordinary Clinton County community with:

50 CHEERS for


1. What I love about Lock Haven is the meaning of its name. (Mitchell S. 7th)

2. I like the houses. (Landen H. 1st)

3. I like Lock Haven because of the churches where we can pray. (Macia O. 2nd and Leah W. 2nd)

4. I love that Lock Haven is a small town rather than a big city. (Rebecca M. 7th)

5. I like Lock Haven because of the YMCA. (Ava S. 3rd and Elly Z. 5th)

6. I like the view of the mountains and the scenery. (Morgan D. 4th, Ryan F. 7th, Keena G. 7th, Demea O. 7th, Natalee P. 1st, Jake K. 5th, Angus C. 2nd)

7. I like Lock Haven’s gyms and baseball fields. (Dane H. 4th)

8. I love the river and all the fun you can have on it kayaking, swimming, and floating. (Christina S. 8th, Ashley R. 8th, Mya M. 8th, Luke N. 2nd, Steven M. 3rd, Tristan L. Kindergarten, Cameron R. 1st)

9. I love Lock Haven because I’ve lived in it since I was born. (Jacob R. 3rd)

10. I like Lock Haven because we can walk on the dike, and it keeps us safe from floods, and we can see our school from it. (Wayne S. 3rd, Eve M. 6th, Gabe H. 3rd, Reece M. 2nd, RandiLea B. 3rd)

11. I love Lock Haven because it is safe. (Leah L. 5th)

12. I love Lock Haven for the Regatta! (Katie G.4th and Gracie H. 4th)

13. I love Lock Haven because of the Potter’s Palette. (Chloe C. 3rd and Kassie W. 2nd)

14. I like Lock Haven because I like going to the woods. (Gage S. 1st)

15. I love the Edge restaurant. (Dominic R. Kindergarten)

16. I love being able to walk around the town on the way to my dad’s office. (David L. 5th)

17. What I love about Lock Haven is how quiet it is compared to a big city. (Madeline J. 7th)

18. I like the Lock Haven University Library because it has good books. (Alex S. 3rd)

19. I love all the restaurants, especially Pizza King. (Jack H. 7th and Nevin B. 4th)

20. I love how Lock Haven is kept clean and beautiful. (McKenna G. 5th)

21. I love when Officer Phil comes to the school to do magic. (Carson M. 1s)

22. Thank you, Lock Haven for helping us build our school. (Lillian Y. 3rd)

23. I like watching Lock Haven University play football. (Cooper C. 2nd)

24. I like Lock Haven because of the people in it. They make it a better place to live. (Arabella O. 1st)

25. I am thankful for all the Lock Haven restaurants, so we have food to eat when parents don’t cook. (Grace K. 4th)

26. I like Lock Haven Skate park and the other parks, too. (Jacob G. 1st, Brayden B. 2nd, Nathan S. 2nd, Brayden S. 3rd, Robbie A. 6th, Collin C. 2nd, Avery S. Kindergarten)

27. I like looking up at the buildings and seeing all the details. (Rhys G. 5th)

28. I love Lock Haven because of the OIP. (Cassie M. 1st, Owen S. and Zane S. Kindergarten, Brayden G.-Stromboli Lover- 5th)

29. I love the police and firefighters. (Emmett R. Kindergarten)

30. I love that LHCS is in Lock Haven because we get to interact with awesome businesses such as, Millbrook, the Roxy, and many more. (Juliana O. 6th, Reese W. 1st, Maren D. 1st, Christian B. 1st, Aaron F. Kindergarten, Caleb M. 5th, Isabella W. 5th)

31. I love Lock Haven because of the beautiful valleys. (Caitlin H. 2nd)

32. I like to walk to school and my dad’s restaurant, Fox’s Market House. (Colin S. 6th)

33. I like hearing the trains go by. (Trey U. Kindergarten)

34. I like Lock Haven because of the wildlife. (Evan H. 4th)

35. I love that Lock Haven respects nature and plants trees on the sidewalks. (Abbey F. 7th, Grace R. 7th, Sophia K. 1st)

36. I love going to my dad’s pizza shop. (Rome K. Kindergarten)

37. I love Lock Haven because I can go to the S.P.C.A. (Ava M. 5th)

38. I love swimming at the YMCA because the lifeguards are very watchful. (Angelina W. 4th)

39. I like the doctors. (Jacob M. Kindergarten)

40. I love all the places to walk and hike. (Ellie G. 7th)

41. I like the hunting and fishing. (Kole S. 1st, Wyatt M. Kindergarten)

42. I love Lock Haven because I have a river lot to go to in the summer. I love the wide-open space and the good, climbing trees plus the water for swimming. (Ella Y. 2nd)

43. One thing I like about Lock Haven is that we all come together when it comes to sports. Teams are all very supported by Lock Haven. (Hannah B. 8th)

44. Thank you, Lock Haven for being a peaceful, safe place. (Remi V. 4th and Ella M. 3rd)

45. I would like to thank Lock Haven University for sending us Miss Lindsey, a student teacher. (Vivian W. 4th gr.)

46. I like Lock Haven because they have great schools and nice kids. (Drake S. 3rd, Harry C. 4th, Maitland, D. 3rd, Addison L. 3rd, Dylan F. 1st, Taylor W. 6th)

47. We LOVE all the restaurants-Main Street Grill, Texas Lunch, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Chinese Buffet, and so many more! (Henry S. Kindergarten, Xavier S. 1st, Conner G. 1st, Alex J. 1st, Harper C.2nd, Liam D. 2nd, Shannon H. 3rd, Calen H. 4th, Matthew M. 5th , Cooper B. 5th Braxton M. 5th, Nicholas P. 6th)

48. I like Lock Haven because I can spend time with my friends in a good environment. (Gavin B. 6th)

49. I love Lock Haven because we have a beautiful community with so many good people. (Brooke C. 3rd and Shayden H. 3rd, Hannah E. 4th, Ella R. 4th, Kendall V. 4th, Ana P. 6th and AJ R. 6th)

50. I like Lock Haven for being my home for 10 years, and Happy 50th Birthday LHCS! (Hunter. F. 4th)