Bureau of Forestry revising resource management plan

Public invited to provide input

JERSEY SHORE –The Bureau of Forestry is in the process of revising the Tiadaghton State Forest Resource Management Plan (Tiadaghton SFRMP). A district-level SFRMP is written for each of the Bureau’s 20 forest districts across the state. These district-level plans provide a localized overview of district resources, as well as priorities for how each district’s state forest land is managed.

The Tiadaghton SFRMP serves two primary functions.

The first is to provide a framework for Bureau staff to approach its work and make management decisions.

The second is to communicate to stakeholders — the citizens of Pennsylvania, who are the owners of the state forest system — how their forest is being managed.

As part of the revision process, the Bureau wishes to collect public input on a draft version of the Tiadaghton SFRMP. The staff of Tiadaghton State Forest will host a public meeting on Sept. 12, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Wheeland Center, 1201 Locust St., Jersey Shore.

In addition, the Bureau will post the draft Tiadaghton SFRMP on the district webpage:


Comments can be submitted at the public meeting, or via mail, email, or an online survey. Comments will be accepted until two months after the public meeting date.

Questions or comments about the public meeting or the Tiadaghton SFRMP can be directed to the district office at fd12@pa.gov or (570) 753-5409.

The Tiadaghton SFRMP revision process provides a great opportunity for the public to learn more about their local state forest and to provide their input on how it should be managed.