City Council honors Express Community Editor

City Council honored Lock Haven Express Community Editor Wendy Stiver, who will be retiring Friday after 37 years of service at the community newspaper. Mayor William E. Baney III read the resolution aloud, and a section of it follows: “Whereas, a professional journalist must act in a way that secures the public interest and more importantly, the public trust, and whereas, Wendy Stiver has shown journalistic independence, unmoved by personal pride or opinion or greed of power and whereas she has always diligently sought topics of news coverage of interest to our residents and allowed the City to respond to criticism or allegations… City Council of Lock Haven does extend this formal action of gratitude for exemplary service.” The resolution was written using the official journalistic code of ethics, City Manager Gregory Wilson said. He added that he believes Stiver is one of few journalists to follow all sections of the code.