PC water problems persist

AVIS — A short September meeting heralded the end of summer in Pine Creek Township — but not the end of township residents’ water woes.

After a brief opening for administrative business, the hearing of visitors began, during which Alice Fox renewed her questioning. Fox, a resident of Pine Creek Meadows, has spoken at previously meetings about her grievances involving the water management in her neighborhood.

Yesterday, Fox had two questions:

“Have county officials been apprised of the issue?”

“Is the county willing to look for grants?”

Fox added, “as I’ve said before, this isn’t about taking care of us individually, but the collective back of the development. Where do we stand?”

Township Supervisor Thomas Wilt Jr. replied, “It looked like somebody didn’t like the stone swail so they filled it in, and then neighbors followed suit until it’s all front yards now.”

According to the supervisors, when the plan for that development was originally approved by them, it included that swail specifically for water management.

Fox then asked if the township engineer would look at the situation.

She added that she hasn’t heard anything from the Clinton County commissioners, but before she goes to them, “I want to have you folks supporting us first,” and she also wants to know “if this is going to work out or not.”

The supervisors said they would get the engineer to take a look, and also that they would talk about the issue with Greg Smith, a county community planner who has been working with the township on the Rails to Trails project.


“Our police department is busy and they’re doing their job, and we keep them well equipped and well trained,” Pine Creek Township Supervisor Dennis Greenaway stated.

However, Police Chief David Winkleman remains on medical leave.

“We’ve been hearing all kinds of rumors,” Greenaway said, “but he’s still on medical leave.”

Greenaway also commented that Winkleman goes back for re-evaluation near the middle of the month.

“There have been a lot of comments by individuals looking forward to our chief getting back in service,” he said.

The township police department reported the following incidents for the month of August, for a total of 76 incidents: 3 non-traffic arrests, 2 vehicle accidents, 11 citations issued, 11 traffic stops, 7 warnings issued, 1 harassment incident, 1 hearing, 1 ordinance matter, 1 warrant dealt with, 3 suspicious circumstances investigated, 1 emergency medical situation, 7 times the department assisted others, 1 training, 25 follow-ups, and 1 other incident.