Waterways to rise

An already saturated ground here in Central Pennsylvania can’t take much more rain.

But that’s just what remnants of Hurricane Florence are bringing.

Upward of 3 more inches of rain is likely to fall across our region through today, according to the National Weather Service.

There could be locally heavy downpours, so some areas may get more that that.

This rain fell upon the soft soil, murky mud, and roiling rapids caused by the record-breaking storm totals the last several months.

According to Accuweather’s rainfall totals, Lock Haven received a 7.55 inches of rain in the month of August, compared to an average August rainfall of 3.84 inches.

In July, Accuweather recorded Lock Haven’s total monthly rainfall at 8.39 inches, dwarfing the area’s average July rainfall of 3.52 inches.

In fact, you have to go back to March to find a month where we had below-average precipitation.

So far, Mother Nature iks keeping the run going: September’s precipitation was at 5.38 inches compared to the average of 3.57 inches prior to yesterday’s rain, according to Accuweather data.

But hope is on the horizon.

While a grain — or perhaps a jar — of salt is always prudent when considering long-term forecasts, Accuweather is currently suggesting a total of 2.18 inches of precipitation for the month of October, which is below the norm of 3.03 inches.

If it comes to pass, their forecast for October would be a welcome relief for many in the area — as would more, similar months to follow.

Still as of last night, the western part of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River watershed was seeing heavier rainfall totals.

As of press time last night, the river was forecast to crest at about 15 feet at Lock Haven later tonight.

The river at Renovo was expected to peak at just under 11 feet tonight.

Bald Eagle Creek at Beech Creek Station, already above 10 feet, was to hit just under 11 feet later today.

The NWS issued a flash flood watch through, saying the “combination of very wet preceding conditions with high streamflows and forecast rainfall will support an increased risk of flooding, especially for urban areas, small streams and creeks, and areas that have experienced flooding in recent weeks.”

So it looks like the sun may not shine again in these parts until Wednesday.

Today should bring rain through the afternoon before it tapers off. It’ll be warm at just under 80 degrees for a high.

Tonight should turn partly cloudy with a low around 64.

“Mostly sunny” is the NWS forecast for Wednesday as the mercury tops out at about 80 degrees. Calm conditions continue Wednesday night and Thursday, with a high of 78.

Friday will bring a chance of showers, but partly sunny skies should return Saturday before the chance of rain picks up Sunday.