Shooting at Zindel Park is prohibited

McELHATTAN — A shooting range at Zindel Park in Wayne Township is closed to the public indefinitely.

The range, located on the City of Lock Haven’s watershed property, has been closed for some time now, but the public has continued to use it recreationally for target practice, City Manager Gregory Wilson said.

The range consists of a large mound of dirt shooters would use to sight guns or just target practice.

However, there’s a hiking trail not far behind the dirt mound.

As a result, multiple hikers have voiced concern for public safety to the city, Wilson said.

In response, the city installed signs at the ranging warning that use of the area for shooting is prohibited.

It was later reported that the signs were destroyed after they were put in place.

In response, the city has issued a public notice, and with cooperation among city police and officers with the Pine Creek Township Police Department, the ban on shooting will be enforced, Wilson asserted.

“Due to the increased recreational use of Zindel Park, target practice at the former shooting range in Zindel Park is prohibited. Target shooting at the former range site jeopardizes the safety of those hiking on the trail behind the embankment,” the notice states.

The area is being signed to show that “target shooting is prohibited” will state “range closed.”

The signs are being posted in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

“The area will be monitored and the prohibition against target practice will be enforced by the Game Commission, as well as the police,” Wilson said.