Commissioners affirm policy for out-of-class pay

LOCK HAVEN –The Clinton County Salary Board affirmed a policy for temporary Out-of-Class Pay for employees under the direction of the county commissioners without the need for special Salary Board consideration.

The policy as stated in Section 6.6 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for corrections officers, cooks and maintenance workers at the Clinton County Correctional Facility, and paragraph 6.3 of the CBA for court-related and court-appointed employees will be followed in all situations involving out-of-class pay.

“Those sections are similarly worded… if an employee is temporarily asked to work out of class, such as in the event of an absence, and a subordinate may be asked to step up to a higher class rate, they will get a five percent raise on their current rate, or the rate of that out-of-class position, whichever is higher,” explained county clerk Jann Meyers.

“It stays at their current rate for the first two weeks,” further explained commissioner Paul Conklin. “We have settled on the point where that out-of-class pay kicks in… after two weeks at that position.”

“This change only applies to the employees of the three commissioners,” noted commissioner chairman Robert “Pete” Smeltz. “Any of the other county row officers would require a salary board meeting.”

The commissioners also approved an assumption of obligation from Woodward Township regarding an obligation of debt from the dissolution of the Woodward Township Sewer Authority.

The Woodward Township supervisors passed a resolution to dissolve the township’s sewer authority last month.

Within the resolution, the township will take on the authority’s debts, assets and liabilities, which include a portion of a bond finance given to the authority through Clinton County.

Township Solicitor Bob O’Connor explained that the township was given approximately $3.7 million by the county when they did bond financing in 2012.

The township pledged their tax powers to guarantee the loan would be paid back, O’Connor said.

“This resolution gives the township consent to accept these obligations, and confirms that the township is obligated to pay back these bonds,” Smeltz said.

Also approved was the resignation of Garrett Strouse, shift supervisor at the Department of Emergency Services, effective Jan. 26, 2019, and the posting for sale of a 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer that is currently owned by the county.

“The sale of the Trailblazer will be posted in the courthouse, by bid. Bids can come in no later than Jan. 23. If we get any bids, they will be opened on Jan. 24,” said Meyers. The vehicle has 110,388 miles and is offered as is.

The commissioners also approved the payment of county bills in the amount of $519,697.77 and net payroll in the amount of $300,607.14 for the period ending Jan. 11, 2019.

Bill invoices over $10,000 included:

r Payment of $34,185.05 to Aramark for prison food service.

r Payment of $32,187.50 to Central Counties Youth for local match.

r Payment of $266,192.16 to Delaware Valley Health Trust for medical and dental insurance.

r Payment of $10,261.97 to DVHIT for HRA account.

r Payment of $29,490 to Woods Services for residental treatment.

r Payment of $13,500 to Racey Auto Sales for a bucket truck for maintenance purposes.

“It is in good shape… we decided to purchase something so we would not have to rent one all the time for maintenance on county buildings,” commissioner Jeff Snyder said.