Woodward residents urged to stop using basement sump pumps



LOCKPORT — Woodward Township Supervisors are encouraging residents with sump pump systems to not connect them to the sewer line.

The consolidation of the township’s now dissolved sewer authority took center stage at Wednesday night’s special meeting.

“People need to stop using sump pumps and pumping water from basements into sewers,” Chairman Kyle Coleman said.

The township may already have an ordinance in place for this situation and secretary Jackie Bartlett will try to find it before their regular meeting.

The removal of these sump pumps from the sewer line could cut down the township’s over all sewer bill, Coleman said.

Reducing the sewer costs for residence is one of two main of the supervisors main objectives.

The supervisors goals are to cut costs as well as make sure much needed maintenance is taken care of within the sewer system.

“We’ve got to get this system up to date,” Supervisor Wayne Love said.

Members of the former township Sewer Authority, Mike Stover and Alicia Shoemaker, reported issues with one of the township’s flow meters at it’s pump station.

The meter is reading incorrectly, giving a much higher number than expected, Coleman said.

Woodward Township’s sewer system feeds into the city of Lock Haven’s sewer treatment plant. The township pays a fee each month for use of the city’s sewer plant.

Castanea, Woodward and Lamar townships and Mill Hall Borough sewage is pumped to the city’s treatment plant.

This makes it difficult to determine just how incorrect the township’s meter is.

Coleman said he’d speak with City Manager Gregory Wilson about the meter as well as the details about the township’s sewer fee.

Mike and Alicia also reported issues with multiple manhole covers throughout the township.

The covers are being infiltrated by rain water, which can drive up the township’s sewer cost.

Alicia and Mike suggested the township replace the manhole covers as well as look into inserting catch pans as well to reduce the amount of rain water and debris that could enter the line.

The supervisors tabled the issue for now but plan to discuss it at their monthly meeting.

“We’re definitely going to want to get to work on this,” Coleman said.

The supervisor also approved the transfer of the former authority’s sewer funds from First National Bank to Jersey Shore State Bank.

The bank currently houses the township’s other accounts and offered a 2.5 percent interested for each individual account, Coleman said.

Coleman motioned they move all sewer funds to Jersey Shore State Bank, close the accounts at First National and add Alicia as a check signer, but remove other former authority members. It was seconded by Love and approved by unanimous vote.

A motion was also made by Coleman to look into the best option for online sewer payments, whether it be Diversified or Jersey Shore State Bank. It was seconded by Love and approved by unanimous vote.

For residents who may already have sent out payments to the current sewer bill account, the supervisors agreed to leave $5,000 in the account until the end of March before completing the transfer.

In other business the supervisors:

r Approved a use request of the boat launch for the Pennsylvania Association of Canoeing and Kayaking Fall Foliage Canoe/Kayak Race on Oct. 12.

r Approved a use request for Riverview Park from Sunday, Aug. 1 and Friday, Aug. 4. During this time Lock Haven University will host it’s annual Samuel Ristich Northeast Mycological Federation Mushroom Foray. Students will explore the park looking for fungi as part of a study of the area.

r Approved use of Riverview Park for Relay For Life’s “Touch-A-Truck” event on May 17.

r Discussed the PennDOT MultiModal Grant agreement to repave Croak Hollow Road this year.

The supervisors appointed grant writer Cindy Walker to oversee paperwork until the grant has been processed and roadwork begins. A motion was made by Coleman and seconded by supervisor John Barth and approved through unanimous vote with Love abstaining.

r Discussed the permits that may be required to install drainage pipe along Queens Run Road.

Some of the piping will feed into the creek along the roadway and the Department of Environmental Protection needs to review the plans and see if any permits are needed to continue construction, Coleman said.

r Purchased Quick Books premiere software for three years at a discounted price of $379.95.