County acts on personnel matters, service agreements


LOCK HAVEN — There was a full house and a packed agenda Thursday morning at the Clinton County commissioner’s meeting.

First, they approved a Savin maintenance and service agreement with the PA District Attorney’s Institute, effective Jan. 1, through Dec. 31, which will come at no cost to the county. The system automatically notifies victims of changes in their offender’s case status, explained Clinton County district attorney Dave Strouse.

“Related to a specific offender, it would notify the victim of anything that happens to that inmate, as far as release or changes in court schedule. It allows for some peace of mind, and could mean the difference between saving someone’s life,” Strouse said.

The board also approved a purchase of service proposal from Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc., for an annual subscription renewal of the TSM Backup Solution, at a cost of $12,009.92.

Ernie Jackson, the county Information Technology Engineer, said it is “a storage manager program to provide a backup solution to information, county wide. It compresses the data and reduces it to a size that is more manageable.”

A medical assistance transportation program participation grant agreement for 2019-2020 and an assurance of compliance between Clinton County and the PA Department of Human Services was also approved, effective July 1, 2019 through July 30, 2020, along with a contract between the county and the Blessed Beginnings Preschool and Childcare, LLC, for child care services for Children and Youth, effective May 3, 2019, to June 30, 2020.

“The contract is for a child in kinship care as opposed to foster care,” explained Children and Youth assistant director Tristan Rock.

The transfer of IV-D funds to the General Fund in the amount of $1,560 for 2018 supplemental reimbursement and $29,529 for Feb. 2019 reimbursement of expenses were also passed.

A change in employment status was approved for Derek Hoover, previously a full-time dispatcher moving to a part-time role in the same position, effective May 14.

“Hoover was no longer able to handle full-time responsibilities, but is well trained and wished to remain in the pool of available part-time workers,” said commissioner Robert “Pete” Smeltz. Hoover’s salary has been set at a rate of $14.26 per house, not to exceed 1,000 hours per year.

The hirings of two interns were also approved.

Sara Embick has been brought on as a summer intern in the Conservation District, and Evelyn Russell has been hired as a part-time Archival Records Assistant for the Assessment Office, both effective May 13. Both will work at a rate of $8 per hour, with Russell not to exceed 1,000 hours per year, and Embick not to exceed 480 hours.

The payment of county bills was also approved.

Bill invoices over $10,000 included:

∫ Payment of $90,771.71 to the Clinton County Tourist Promotion Agency for 1st quarter 2019 hotel tax.

∫ Payment of $10,425 to Crossroads Counseling for treatment services at the Clinton County Correctional Facility.

∫ Payment of $109,427.06 to M&T Bank for federal payroll taxes.

∫ Payment of $14,018.59 to M&T Bank for PA state payroll taxes.

∫ Payment of $130,925.78 to STEP, Inc., for CDBG 2016 owner occupied home rehabs.

Real estate tax pass-through invoices included:

∫ Payment of $16,553.55 to Beech Creek Borough.

∫ Payment of $23,273.77 to Castanea Township Supervisors.

∫ Payment of $83,095.86 to Dunnstable Township Supervisors.

∫ Payment of $10,160.17 to Loganton Borough Council.

∫ Payment of $130,689.17 to Mill Hall Borough Council.

∫ Payment of $10,913.59 to Porter Township Supervisors.