Contract awarded for 15 new showers at county prison

Board requests increase for housing state inmates



LOCK HAVEN — Fifteen stainless steel showers will be replaced at the Clinton County Correctional Facility, with the lowest bid on the installation coming from Frigo Custom Designs at $357,847.38.

A site visit with installer PBCI-Allen will take place in July and the installation will be scheduled shortly thereafter, explained prison warden Angela Hoover.

“We are very excited,” she said. “They will be the most sanitary and durable options available.”

The warden also explained that the prison has requested a modification to their contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

“We are currently in a three-year contract that runs until May 2021, with a per diem rate of $72 each day, per inmate,” she said. “Per our contract, we are able to request an increase in the per diem rate in May of each year. We have requested an increase from $72 per day to $75 per day, which would match the federal contract.”

The warden noted that the raise in rate would account for the recent purchase of a body scanner, showers, and incoming tablet services.

“Every dollar added would amount to approximately $33,000 more added to the annual budget without adding more detainees,” she said.

County commissioner Robert “Pete” Smeltz said official action by the prison board would occur once the Department of Corrections responds.

According to the warden’s report, the average daily population at the facility in April was 60 male and 20 female county detainees and 152 from outside agencies.

In May, there was an average of 60 male and 14 female county detainees and the outside agencies remained consistent at 152.

The prison is currently operating with the full complement of corrections officers, 58, and all other positions are filled, the warden said.

Since April 10, the facility has seen the resignation of two full-time correctional officers and one kitchen worker, along with the terminations of two full-time CO’s, two part-time CO’s and one kitchen worker. Seven part-time officers and two kitchen workers have been hired.

Reported overtime hours for April were 162, and in May, 353. The year to date total overtime hours at the prison are 900.5.

“Last year at this time we had 4,179.5 overtime hours, which is a decrease of 3,279 hours. It is quite significant for us,” Hoover said.