More revenue coming to county prison

DOC approves rate increase for out-of county inmates

LOCK HAVEN — The Clinton County Correctional Facility will see almost $74,000 per year in additional revenue with an increase in the daily rate for housing out of county prisoners.

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) has approved a contract modification request from the correctional facility regarding a per diem rate increase.

“The prison is currently in a three-year contract that runs through May 2021. Per our contract, we are able to request an increase in the per diem rate of $72 per day to $75 per day,” explained warden Angela Hoover.

Per diem inmates are those housed at the prison who are not county inmates, and instead come from the state or federal prison systems, or from other counties.

The DOC responded to the request and approved an increased per diem rate of $74.25, just under the requested rate, the warden said.

“We average about 90 DOC detainees, so that will amount to approximately $73,912 per year in additional revenue. They love working with us and our staff,” Hoover said of the DOC.

The warden explained that with the contract modification, there will no longer be a capacity limit of 91 DOC detainees.

“The DOC will now coordinate with us based on the number of beds we have available,” she said. “Instead of 91, it will now be unlimited. As long as we have the beds, we are confident they will use us before any other facility. That is huge for consistency. It is looking very good. As soon as the DOC executes the contract, it will go into effect immediately.”

“They didn’t offer that, you have to go after that. Great job,” commissioner Jeff Snyder said.

“They wouldn’t be increasing rates if they were not really satisfied with the staff and what’s happening here,” added commissioner Paul Conklin.

“We stay very involved for that reason,” Hoover responded.

Hoover said that the prison has seen a “very nice increase” in outside agency detainees for the month of June with 168, up from the average of 154 for January through May.

For June, the prison housed an average of 70 Clinton County detainees, 57 male and 13 female, she said.

The good news continued as the warden announced that the overtime hour total at the prison for June was just 409 hours, with a year to date total of 1,308. Hoover said that in June of last year alone, they had 928.5 overtime hours logged and a total of 5,108 in the first six months of the year.

“We are at 29 percent of our total overtime budget now through six months of the year,” she said.

She also noted that the prison passed the US Marshal Service Inspection on June 18 and a DOC inspection will take place on August 1 which she “doesn’t see any issues with passing.”

Regarding a yet to be implemented tablet system at the prison, the warden said they are finalizing their policy and will schedule training for staff prior to the tablets being made available to detainees.

“The tablets just came in … there will be 100 of them for roughly 250 inmates,” she said. “We will collect these at shut down and then they can be checked out again the next morning or for $5 a month they can be rented and then its theirs for 30 days.”

The tablets, owned by Securus, have no camera and features and perimeters can be set and monitored by prison staff. The inmates will also be able to use them to purchase movies, music, books or submit forms.

“We don’t have a go-live day yet, probably within a month or a couple of months. We didn’t sign any sort of contract. If we decide we don’t want the tablets, we can get rid of them at no cost,” Hoover explained.