Kids learn about healthy relationships and more


Juliana Jaglowski, a Youth Advocate for the Clinton County Women’s Center, at left back, and Sarah Harnishfeger, Volunteer/Outreach and Special Projects Coordinator at the Center, provided education on healthy relationships, internet safety, personal space and anti-bullying at the Hoberman Playground as part aof the Keystone Central School District summer recreation program. The women also did a hula hoop demonstration on how much space is needed for personal space and provided bubbles to show how your personal space might be bigger or smaller depending on the group of people you are around. There was also a toothpaste activity, giving the children all their own paper and toothpaste tube. They asked them to squeeze it out and then try to put it back in to demonstrate how easy hurtful words can spread but not so easy to take back what you say. They also talked about internet safety and how getting on the internet is like going out on Halloween — you never know who you’re talking to.