Supreme Court denies appeal for convicted dog killer

Edward Bendik

From staff reports

LOCK HAVEN –The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has denied Edward Andrew Bendik’s Petition for Allowance of Appeal of his convictions in the grisly killing of his neighbor’s dog and the related burglary and aggravated assault on police officers.

In January of 2017, Bendik, 31, was sentenced by Judge Michael Salisbury to up to 29 years in state prison.

It was Nov. 20, 2015, when Bendik broke into an apartment at 109 E. Water St. in Lock Haven. While inside the apartment, Bendik killed the resident’s small dog, Buddy, by stabbing the dog repeatedly, police said.

Experts determined that Bendik had actually forcibly removed the dog’s legs, then carried the dog and other items from the apartment to a Dumpster near the residence. He then used an accelerant and lit the contents of the Dumpster on fire, police said.

Police located Bendik nearby shortly after the fire was extinguished.

While in custody, Bendik assaulted a Lock Haven City Police officer by kicking him repeatedly, and also attempted to disarm the officer of his taser, records show.

Bendik was later convicted of two additional aggravated assaults that were committed while he was in the Clinton County Correctional Facility and was sentenced to an additional maximum of 14 years in state prison in those cases. His sentences were affirmed by the Pennsylvania Superior Court in those cases in April of 2019.

“I am very pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision, and I hope this decision helps to give some comfort and peace of mind to the victims of these crimes,” Clinton County District Attorney Dave Strouse said. “His crimes have shown him to be true menace to society and completely unfit to be around other living creatures.”