New fishing license available

HARRISBURG–A new licensing services contract signed by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) will deliver a benefit long sought by the agency — the ability for anglers to easily purchase fishing licenses from their smartphones and retain the license images on their devices to use as a proof of purchase.

PFBC Executive Director John Arway has been seeking a more modern, mobile friendly customer sales platform for years, and one that would also help bolster sales by enabling marketing staff to segment customer data and develop targeted messages to specific groups.

“We collect a lot of customer data that we’d love to use in our marketing efforts, but haven’t had the capabilities until now,” Arway said. “The new licensing service will provide a host of visual analytical tools, allowing us to see in real time key metrics like buying patterns or sales by age group and gender. We can then use the information to tailor specific messages to these customer groups and improve our sales.”

For example, say that metrics show that most women purchase their licenses over weekends. Marketing emails and social media posts could be scheduled during that time only, likely increasing sales opportunities.

Nashville-based Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (S3) was awarded the 10-year contract and provided a demonstration of the system to the board of Fish and Boat commissioners during their quarterly business meeting.

The transition to the new system is expected to take about a year to implement.

The new contract also contains a provision to promote Pennsylvania’s fishing opportunities through the company’s sister organization Sovereign Sportsman Network, which produces an Emmy award-winning outdoor TV series. The company will film and broadcast several videos for the agency.