Police News-December 17, 2013


LOCK HAVEN – A burglary occurred at the Hilltop Tavern, 90 Second Ave., Saturday, city police said.

Police said somebody entered the building through a window, stole an undisclosed amount of cash and damaged some gaming machines.

Vehicle rollover

LAMAR – Melissa A. Eiper, 20, of Exeter and Alyssa N. Wincek, 20, of Wilkes Barre were both taken to Lock Haven Hospital following a vehicle rollover that occurred at around 7 p.m. Dec. 4 on Interstate 80.

Tpr. Christopher Soo of the State Police out of Lamar said Eiper was driving west on Interstate 80 when she swerved to avoid striking a vehicle encroaching in her lane when she lost control and slid off the road. Her vehicle then rolled several times before coming to a rest facing south in the median.

Both Eiper and Wincek were extricated from the vehicle by Lamar and Castanea Volunteer Fire Departments. Eiper suffered moderate injuries, while Wincek suffered major injuries.

Theft by deception

MILL HALL – A pair of known suspects are charged with two separate incidents of theft by deception that occurred Oct. 27 and 29, state police in Lamar reported Dec. 16.

According to police, on Oct. 27, a known suspect entered Walmart and grabbed two iPhone chargers, each valued at $39.88, and returned them without purchasing them.

On a separate occasion on Oct. 29, the second suspect entered Walmart, under-rang prices for a phone case, valued at $56.88, and an iPhone charger, valued at $39.88, at the self check-out counter. The second suspect then met the first in the store’s parking lot, exchanged the items, and the first suspect came in and returned the items for $102.57.

Anyone with information is asked to contact state police at Lamar.

Access card fraud

MILL HALL – Mary Laubscher, 51, of Mill Hall, lost her credit card Dec. 6 at Walmart, state police in Lamar reported. Later, the card was used, without Laubscher’s permission to purchase gas at A-Plus on Bellefonte Avenue.

Anyone with information is asked to contact state police at Lamar.

Vehicle part theft

RENOVO – State police of Lamar said several motor vehicle engines and attachments were stolen between Sept. 1 and Oct. 31 from a garage at 12369 Renovo Road.

Police said the parts belonged to Russell Walauskas, 75, of East Hall Lane. Parts stolen include a truck plow and a tractor snow plow, a tractor motor, a snowmobile engine, a tractor rototiller, and a go-kart engine.

Anyone with information is asked to contact state police at Lamar.


BEECH CREEK – A residence was burglarized Dec. 12 between 9:45 a.m. and 6 p.m., state police at Lamar reported.

Police said unknown actors entered the home of Nikki Jo Litz, 32, of Fairview Street, and stole several items.

Anyone with information is asked to contact state police at Lamar.

Lawn painted

FLEMINGTON – An 80-year-old woman was the victim of some criminal mischief when actors took a blue paint pen and wrote in two-inch thick lettering the letters “LHK” on her front lawn overnight Dec. 13.

State police of Lamar are asking anyone with information to contact them.


LAMAR – State police reported a verbal dispute escalated to blows at around noon Dec. 15.

Police said they were called out to 2373 Long Run Road to respond to yelling between a 49-year-old male and a 19-year-old female. Police said the altercation escalated when the female pushed and struck the male, who in response punched the female in the head and pulled her hair.

Watch stolen

BALD EAGLE – A watch was stolen from an estate sale Nov. 24 at Two Sisters Church at 146 Fairpoint Road.

State police of Lamar said the watch belonged to Frederick Garside Terry III of Beech Creek. The theft occurred when an unkown actor was inside the church and took the watch, which was displayed for sale.

Anyone with information is asked to contact state police at Lamar.