Police news – Jan. 9, 2014


GREENE TOWNSHIP – State police at Lamar said Nicholas T Layon, 27, of Gainsville, Fla. was involved in a crash at quarter after 5 p.m. Jan. 2 on Interstate 80.

Police said the crash occurred as Layon was negotiating a left turn and left the roadway in snow-covered conditions. His vehicle impacted multiple small shrubbery and came to a final rest in the median.

Layon was uninjured.


GRUGAN TOWNSHIP – Chelsea M. Graw, 30, of Renovo, was in a crash at 7:55 p.m. Jan. 6 on State Route 120, state police at Lamar said.

Graw was travelling eastbound and failed to negotiate a right curve and slid off the roadway’s right side. The car struck two culverts and came to a rest facing east. K&L Auto and PennDOT assisted at the scene, police reported.

Graw was uninjured.


BEECH CREEK – State police at Lamar said a reported assault occurred at 3:40 p.m. Jan. 6 at 21 Grahams Lane in Grahams Trailer Park.

Police said they were dispatched the fight started during a landlord-tenant walk-through at the property when the landlord, Terry L. Williams, 52, of 360 Cottage Lane, Mill Hall, grabbed Ronald A. Hill, 37, of the residence by the throat and pinned him against the wall, leaving red marks on his neck.

A non-traffic citation for harrassment was issued against Williams.

Theft from motor vehicle

FLEMINGTON – State police at Lamar said an unknown actor entered a vehicle and took a black purse and various personal affects sometime overnight Jan. 4 at 421 Canal St.

Anyone with information is asked to contact PSP Lamar at (570)726-6000.


CASTANEA – Travis Allen Kahle, 34, of Mill Hall, was stopped at 2:55 a.m. Jan. 5 for a traffic violation on 220. After a subsequent investigation, Kahle was taken into custody. Charges will be filed through district court.


NOYES TOWNSHIP – State police at Lamar said Donna Stoute, 69, of Renovo, shoved Christine Graw, 55, of Renovo, in the shoulder during an argument. Stout was cited for harassment.


LAMAR – State police at Lamar said a crash occurred at 8:45 p.m. Jan. 3 on Interstate 80 when Martin P. Honovic, 20, of Pompton Lakes, N.J., slid off the left side of the road and struck an embankment.

Honovic refused treatment for his injuries.

Accidents involving attended vehicles

CASTANEA – Police said a 74-year-old man was attempting to merge on State Route 220 when Clarence Paul Taylor, 21, of 129 Woodward AAvenue Lot 38, Lock Haven, failed to yield and impacted the victim and sent them into the guide rail. After the victim was out of their vehicle, Taylor fled the scene on foot and lef t his vehicle on the side of the road. At the time of the crash, Taylor was unidentified and his car had been reported as stolen.

Charges for the accident and multiple summary offenses have been filed against Taylor.


LAMAR State police at Lamar said Ralph J. Heflin, 28, of Jersey Shore, was involved in a crash at 7:30 a.m. Jan. 3 on Route 220.

Police said the crash occurred as Heflin was attempting to turn onto Fairground Road and began to slide on snow-covered road conditions and struck the guide rail at the intersection.

Heflin was uninjured in the crash.


GREENE TOWNSHIP – Jeffrey D Bykowski, 38, of Madison, Wisc., was involved in a crash at 8:15 a.m. Jan. 1 on Breon Road, state police at Lamar said.

Bykowski was travelling south on Breon Road and approached a crest of a step hill when his vehicle began to slide on the ice-covered road. The vehicle left the roadway at the bottom of the road and flipped onto its roof in the bottom of a creek.


LOCK HAVEN – City police said Hannah Lea Condo, 29, of Susquehanna Ave was stopped for a traffic violation at around 3 a.m. Dec. 29 and was arrested for driving under the influence.

Three car crash

LOCK HAVEN – Rolf Kugler of Bellefonte was travelling west on Jessamine Street and failed to stop at a stop sign on East Park Street and entered an intersection, striking a vehicle driven by Kevin Patterson of Loganton and forcing him onto a third vehicle owned by Pauline E. Kinley of Lock Haven, city police reported.

Police said Kugler’s vehicle suffered minor damage to the front end. Patterson’s vehicle suffered moderate damage to the driver’s side and Patterson refused treatment for injuries at the scene. The third vehicle was relatively unharmed.


LOCK HAVEN- Paul Allen Risley, 39, of 38 Grant Avenue, North Bend, was stopped for an expired registration at quarter after midnight Dec. 29 on West Water Street and was found to driving under the influence.


LOCK HAVEN – City police said Jay E. Lamey of Lock Haven was involved in a vehicle crash at around 8:30 a.m. on West Bald Eagle Street.

Police reported that Lamey said a white car was travelling in the opposite lane and crossed into Lamey’s lane. Lamey swerved to avoid the car and struck a vehicle parked at 218 W. Bald Eagle Street.

Lamey’s vehicle suffered minor scratches to the right side. The parked car suffered severe damages to the left side and had to be towed from the scene.