Clinton County Roundup


r Nov. 23 to plaintiff Christopher Hugh Engel Sr. and defendant Bessie Ann Engel.


r No marriage licenses were listed as being recorded at the office of the register and recorder for the week’s period ending Nov. 8, 2016



r The Clinton County Voter Registration Office at the Garden Building at Main and Jay Streets has re-opened for the purpose of accepting new voter registrations and changes in voter registrations.


r Licenses and permits issued or sold in the office of the Clinton County Treasurer for the period Oct. 26 through Nov. 8: 18 boat registrations, one Bingo license, 17 dog license transactions, three licenses for small games of chance, two pistol permits, eight bear hunting licenses, six military hunting licenses, three archery hunting licenses and two non-resident hunting licenses



r In Lock Haven from Cathy and Ronald Rhodes and Valerie and Elmer Eisenhower Jr. to Eric and Michelle R. Grove for $79,500.

r In Lock Haven from Emanual and Mary Peachey Sr. to Cody and Tierney Germello for $92,000.

r In Chapman Township from Daniel Sayers to Mark and Kimberly Sayers for $64,757.

r In Leidy Township from Scott and Cynthia Leman to Bari Michael for $124,500.

r In Leidy Township from the Frank A. Payne estate to Edwin W. Payne Jr. and Jack Shambaugh for $28,137.

r In Lock Haven from Linda Field to Kenneth Starr for $147,000.

r In Porter Township from the Betty Strouse Estate to Todd Gummo for $35,000.

r In Avis from Michael and Cathy Edwards to Rebecca Kelly for $178,000.

r in Chapman Township from Dayl and Krystal Flack to Sarah and Robert Scheerer for $136,500.

r In Beech Creek from Jordan and Jamie Day to Clifford Moore and Laura Eisenhower for $220,000.

r In Wayne Township from the Clarence Young Estate to Justin and Tiffany McCloskey for $88,500.

r In Lock Haven James P. and Deborah Donohue to Savannah Krape for $92,000.

r In Lamar Township from Frances, Oliver and Connie Mosser to Cody Steinbacher, and Kari Strunk for $194,800.

r In Leidy Township from the John G. Mummert Estate to Nathan Decker and Dawn Harle for $15,000.

r In Lamar Township from the Long Irrevocable Grantor Trust to Robert and Jodi Johnson for $215,000.

r In Beech Creek from Emily and Robert Henry to Bret and Kathy Bowersox for $20,000.

r In Renovo from the Carolyn Carl Estate and Mary and Ron Eiler to Natasha Peck for $35,000.

r In Gallagher Township from the James R. McClean Estate to Jerry and Darla Swope for $15,000.

r In Mill Hall from Robert and Jodi Johnson to Dereck Berry and Rachael Love for $148,400.

r In Lock Haven from Benjamin and Stephanie Thomas to Crystal Flack for $142,000.

r In Woodward Township from Michael and Mindy Stimpson to Matthew and Rebecca Reeder for $220,000.

r In Flemington from U.S. Bank National Association to James Arnold for $85,000.

r In Avis from C.R. Properties to Jordan and Dominic Bower for $26,666.

r In Lamar Township from Douglas and Shanan Miller to Richard and Stacey Titus for $300,000.