Clinton County


r Lynn Bruner, 52, of Lock Haven to Thomas Frank, 69, of Lock Haven on July 11.

r Sarah Collier, 26, of Lock Haven to Jace Toner, 27, of Hummelstown on July 10.

r Malcolm Dorman, 35, of Renovo to Sasha Fantaskey, 28, of Renovo on July 7.

r Kody George, 25, of Renovo to Quincey Johnson, 26, of Renovo on July 6.

r Willette Johnson, 39, of Lock Haven to Jessica Montalvo-Santiago, 34, of Lock Haven on July 10.


r Janice and Charles Berry divorced on July 10.


r From Rosemary Royer to Richard Hoard in Woodward Twp. for $112,000 on July 7.

r From Donald Paul to Leon and Emma Stoltzfus in Bald Eagle Twp. for $620,000 on July 6.

r From Hank and Jessica Quick to Robert Boob in Flemington for $24, 850 on July 6.

r From Edward Nestlerode III to Justin Ashton in Lock Haven for $138,000 on July 10.

r From Kevin and Nancy Johnson to Michael Seyler in Lock Haven for $87,550 on July 10.

r From Dennis and Arlene Kerstetter to John and Sandy Scarborough in Logan Twp. for $170,000 on July 10.

r New Penn Financial to Terrance O’connor for $42,000 in Avis for $42,000 on July 11.


Licenses and permits issued or sold in the office of the Clinton County Treasurer from July 3-7follow:

81 total boat licenses, 24 dog licenses, 1 small game hunting license, 12 residential fishing licenses, 3 military fishing licenses, 10 trout fishing licenses, 64 residential hunting licenses, 38 bear hunting licenses, 49 archery licenses, 17 migratory bird licenses, 56 lifetime renewal licenses, 36 DMAP licenses, 42 muzzle loader licenses, 16 military hunting licenses



The Clinton County Voter Registration Office at the Garden Building is open for new registrations or changes in current registrations. Below are the voter registration statistics for the week ending July 7.

Total Voters – 22, 218

Democratic Party – 8,992

Republican – 10,289

Green – 33

Libertarian – 118

Other – 2,786

42 address changes

3 party changes

3 new voters; 1 Democratic; 3 No Affiliation