Bail increased as additional charges disclosed at man’s hearing

Mill Hall resident accused of assaulting brother, threats

LOCK HAVEN — A man who blames his brother for “ruining his life” by marrying his ex-wife is now in jail, charged with beating his brother.

Michael S. Killinger, 60, of Lock Haven, showed up at a work site of his brother, Bruce, and starting punching him, the brother testified at Killinger’s preliminary hearing this week before District Judge Joseph Sanders.

At the end of the hearing Tuesday, Michael Killinger found himself headed to prison as Clinton County District Attorney David Strouse added another charge of terroristic threats and District Judge Joseph Sanders raised bail to $50,000 monetary.

Michael Killinger’s hearing was in connection with his arrest after he allegedly made threats and assaulted his brother on Sept. 21.

At his previous arraignment on one count each of terroristic threats and simple assault, bail was set at $8,000 unsecured with domestic violence conditions.

Bruce Killinger told the judge Tuesday that he hadn’t spoken or seen his brother for 13 to 15 years until about 2:30 p.m. Sept. 21, when Michael suddenly appeared at a home on North Fairview Street where he was working.

Bruce told the court that he was cleaning up behind his van when his brother appeared, started yelling and screaming in his face and throwing punches at him.

“I backed up and tripped and fell,” Bruce said. ‘I ended up on my hands and knees facing him. He’s standing over me, swinging and yelling. He hit me many times, mostly on the back and shoulders … a good 25 times.

“He just kept swinging and yelling … said I ruined his life … said he was going to kill me and my wife,” Bruce testified under oath.

When asked for an explanation, Bruce said, “his ex-wife is my wife.”

Bruce said he finally got up, but his arm was out of joint at the shoulder and he was in extreme pain.

He said he thought Michael had left and called police.

But, he said, about 10 minutes later Michael appeared again.

As police took Michael Killinger away, “he yelled that he was gonna get me,” Bruce said.

Upon questioning by Judge Sanders, Strouse amended the charges, adding a second count of terroristic threats, since the defendant allegedly threatened to kill both Bruce Killinger and his wife.

Sanders also increased bail to $50,000 monetary and scolded Michael Killinger.

The judge said there are two more cases against Michael Killinger dealing with domestic violence that are in the court system.

One of those cases originated on Aug. 6 and was filed Sept. 13. In this case, Michael Killinger is charged with stalking a woman, commiting acts to cause her fear, criminal mischief and tampering with property. His original bail was set at $5,000 unsecured.

“And more charges were filed Monday for stalking, threats … to the same victim,” the judge said.

“With these serious and most recent incidents of possible criminal activity, society is in need of more proactive measures for safety,” Sanders said. “Threats to kill people, simple assault, stalking, terroristic threats … monetary bail is appropriate.”

Sanders then increased bail on the second set of charges to $25,000 monetary.

Addressing the defendant, the judge told Michael Killinger that he was advised of the domestic violence conditions when he arraigned him the first time.

“I told you to stay away. You can’t even listen to what I told you,” Sanders said before sheriff’s deputies escorted Michael Killinger from the courtroom to transport him to the Clinton County Correctional Facility.