Clinton County Courthouse Roundup


r Angela Marie Bingaman, 36, of Loganton, to Jesse James Smith, 31, of Loganton, on Oct. 12.

r Cody A. Caris, 34, of Lock Haven, to Kaycie Jo Rich, 29, of Lock Haven, on Oct. 12.

r Rachel Stoltzfus Esh, 21, of Howard, to Daniel Jay Stoltzfus, 22, of Mill Hall, on Oct. 13.

r Lacey A. Fuller, 35, of Jersey Shore, to Nathan R. Laubach, 31, of Jersey Shore, on Oct. 16.

r Devin Alan Harshman, 23, of Mill Hall, to Lindsay Marie Umstead, 20, of Dushore, Pa., on Oct. 16.

r Hannah Bobette Heiser, 35, of Lock Haven, to Jeffrey Robert Hughes, 35, of Waverly, on Oct. 13.

r Rebecca Jane Kerstetter, 41, of Flemington, to Gary Donald Mellott, 49, of Flemington, on Oct. 16.

r Chantel L. Long, 37, of Lock Haven, to Raymond A. Richards, 38, of Williamsport, on Oct. 12.

r Jessica Rae Malicky, 21, of Jersey Shore, to Brian Miles Roupp, 22, of Jersey Shore, on Oct. 12.

r Shawn M. Meredith, 31, of Lock Haven, to Dawn M. Rovenolt, 23, of Lock Haven, on Oct. 16.

r Eli Samuel Miller, 26, of Mill Hall, to Martha S. Stoltzfus, 35, of Mill Hall, on Oct. 13.


There were no divorces recorded.


r Bank of New York Mellon Trustee, Cit Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-1, Caliber Home Loans Inc., Caliber Real Estate Services LLC to Daryl and Marsha Hull for $12,500, property in Lamar.

r Riverhill Coal Company Inc., River Hill Coal Company Inc., Garden Coal Co. to Dadd Energy LLC for $30,000, property in West Keating Twp.

r Jerry W. and Debora L. Jacobs to Gregg Allen and Yazmin Tripp for $90,000, property in South Renovo.

r Mark A. White and Ellen M. Barner to Jesse E. Newlen for $65,000, property in Noyes Twp.

r Gail and Virginia M. Frye to Wayne M. Bower for $50,761.12, property in Mill Hall.

r Lori A. and Kenneth Lee Wallach to John J., Sharon S. and Randall I. Diem for $140,000, property in Noyes Twp.

r Lena V. and Stanley Dudzinski to Thomas and Pamela Deibler for $67,000, property in Chapman Twp.

r Kim M. and Larry Vognet, Mark J. and Anne Hedgeland, Patricia A. and James McGee, Steven G. and Maryann E. Hedgeland and Susan J. and John Schreiber to Steven G. and Mary Hedgeland for $40,000, property in Renovo.

r Ross A. Jr. and Monica S. McCollum, Lillian J. and George B. Frey to Jason E. Neufer for $195,000, property in Greene Twp.

r Christoper L. and Jill Fisher to Courtney D. Kaster for $122,000, property in Lock Haven.

r Sandy Spring Camp and John M. Wilson to Mark and Sara Prisk for $64,000, property in Beech Creek.

r Mary Anne Bruno, Maryann E. and Donald Bruno and Bruno Donato Desales to Craig E. and Gail E. Frantz for $75, 800, property in Leidy Twp.

r Constance J. Edwards, Carole J. Anderson and Joseph C. Kanouff to Michelle M. and Robert W. Sr. Stewart for $30,000, property in Chapman Twp.

r Susan J. Davenport and Suzanne Livingstone Smith to Christian J. Keeler for $85,000, property in Lock Haven.

r Iron Spirit LLC and Richard B. Strouse to Scott N. Dietrich for $260,000, property in Lamar.

r Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Powers, Kirn & Associates LLC and Powers, Kirn & Javardian LLC to MC Partners LLC for $8,000, property in Renovo.


r 2 boat licenses

r 15 dog licenses

r 2 small games licenses

r 10 hunting licenses