Clinton County Courthouse Roundup


r David S. Beiler, 20, of Watsontown, to Malinda S. Zook, 23, of Watsontown, on Nov. 3.

r Mary G. Beiler, 19, of Loganton, to Enos B. Stoltzfus, 20, of Jersey Shore, on Nov. 3.

r Amos K. Fisher Jr., 24, of Loganton, to Barbara S. King, 21, of Watsontown, on Nov. 3.

r Bertha B. Glick, 23, of Loganton, to Andrew S. Stoltzfus, 23, of Owingsville, on Nov. 3.

r Malinda B. Glick, 20, of Watsontown, to David B. Stoltzfus, 21, of Jersey Shore, on Nov. 3.

r Katherine L. Grenoble, 28, of Avis, to Michael A. Schliebener, 31, of Avis, on Nov. 2.

r Fannie S. King, 20, of Rebersburg, to Christian F. Lapp, 21, of Grove Springs, on Nov. 3.

r Justin Daniel Lucas, 21, of Mill Hall, to Cynthia Lynn Showers, 21, of Lock Haven, on Nov. 2.

r Shelley Lynne Seid, 46, of Jersey Shore, to George William Smith, 42, of Jersey Shore, on Nov. 2.

r Arietta S. Yoder, 24, of Loganton, to Stephen F. Stoltzfus, 24, of Loganton, on Nov. 3.


There were no divorces recorded.


r Richard S. and Margaret B. Hoy to Barrett L. and Lawrence B. Lebin for $500, property in Colebrook Twp.

r P&M Rentals LLC and Patrick Claycomb to Jeffrey T. Bower for $52,000, property in Renovo.

r Arthur L. and Ashley R. Foltz to Jason C. and Tracy L. Jones for $305,000, property in Lamar.

r Dennis C., Elinor S., Timothy W. and Lori S. Greenaway and Howard W. and Barbara C. Schriner to Vincent E. Allison for $15,500, property in Pine Creek Twp.

r Stephen M. Tasselli to Patricia Y. and Megan B. Davis for $60,000, property in Woodward Twp.

r Earl W. Jr. and Lisa G. Andrus to David L. and Tina L. Mauck for $1,000, property in Lamar.

r Shawn M. and Kimberly A. Brungard to Matthew J. and Amy J. Corbett for $133,000, property in Lamar.

r Dianne M. and Robert D. Hilbert and Dianne M. Buffington to Bruce B. and Karen E. Everett for $165,000, property in Gallagher Twp.

r Michael T. Sr. and Darlene Wise to Steven H. Shannon for $106,000, property in Lock Haven.

r Laurie and Mark L. Troyer and Laurie E. Neilson to Mary Catharine Deitrich for $98,000, property in Bald Eagle Twp.

r Gail L. Stone to Guy N. D. and Julia A. Francis for $57,500, property in Bald Eagle Twp.

r Polly A. Muthler to Rachel L. Bennett and Drew C. Alexander for $137,000, property in Woodward Twp.

r Diane M. King to Andrew S. and Chelsie Marie Vangorder for $233,000, property in Dunstable Twp.


None to report.