Clinton County Courthouse Roundup


r Rhian Michael Bower, 29, of Mill Hall, to Heather May Rossman, 33, of Mill Hall, on Nov. 13.

r Deanna Marie Brown, 57, of Mill Hall, to Jeffrey Joseph Stahl, 58, of Mill Hall, on Nov. 8.


There were no divorces recorded.


r Eugene A. Cox to Michael E. and Stephanie M. Hoy for $61,000, property in Lock Haven.

r George R. and Sandra Machak, and Anna L. and James P. Knauff for $27,000, property in Noyes Twp.

r Jeffrey Davis and George Trayer to Darryl L. and Tammy S. Snyder for $10,000, property in Leidy Twp.

r John L. and Katie M. Lapp to Dwight Lynn and Gloria F. Martin for $85,000, property in Allison Twp.

r William P. Klepper to William F., III and Gretchen A. Dingman for $113,000, property in Flemington.

r Barbara J. and Michael D. Waldron and Barbara J. McCoy to Anthony J. Radle and Jaimee L. Kester for $130,000, property in Lock Haven.

r Nicholas T. and Ashley L. Boonstra to Terri L. Montarsi for $110,000, property in Castanea.


r 57 dog license

r 3 boat license

r 4 small games License

r 1 bingo license

r 6 bear license

r 3 archery license

r 2 lifetime renewals

r 3 military

r 1 senior license