Clinton County Courthouse Roundup


r Austin L. Allen, 20, of Lock Haven, to Davina Diane Harris, 23, of Lock Haven, on Nov. 20.

r Victoria Rae Cabral, 25, of Lock Haven, to Benjamin Michael Welch, 29, of Lock Haven, on Nov. 17.


There were no divorces recorded.


r Diana L. Peck to Craig R. Peck for $5,000, property in West Keating Twp.

r Carl S. and Kathryn M. Williamson to Craig W. Kehrer for $75,000, property in Castanea Twp.

r First National Bank of Pennsylvania and John J. Stolar to Levi E. and Naomi Mae King for $37,000, property in Lamar.

r Robert Steven and Ann Marie Hagerty to Michael L. Force for $241, 430, property in Pine Creek Twp.

r Glenn M., III and Amanda J. Condo to Kyle J. and Katelyn C. Kocher for $70,000, property in Lock Haven.

r Robert E. and Mary Elizabeth Holtzapple to Eric L. and Dyann R. Shilling for $120,000, property in Flemington.

r Robbie M. and Karen L. Hyde to Timothy and Britney Swift for $205,000, property in Mill Hall.

r John L. and Jeni D. Lucas to Rollin E. and Joan L. Flanigan for $38,000, property in Dunnstable.

r Elwood L. and Mary L. Stover to Karl W. Rusner III and Sharon R. Bess-Runser for $360,000, property in Logan Twp.

r Erwin N. and Patti J. Ecker to Joni Lynn Womeldorf for $177,000, property in Pine Creek Twp.

r Nathan D. and Katherin H. Reish to Adam K. and Katherine M. Lamey for $147,000, property in Bald Eagle Twp.


There were no licenses recorded.