r Sean L. Geraty, of Lock Haven, to Fawn M. Kramer, of Lock Haven, on Feb. 1.

r Kendra Leigh Gottschall, of Lock Haven, to Matthew Logan Harrison, of Lock Haven, on Feb. 2.


There were no divorces recorded.


r David B. and Vickie M. Jones to Terry L. Jr. and Marie A. Snyder for $59,900, property in Avis.

r Donald L. and Adele L. Leisenring to Jacob M. and Ashley A. Messick for $138,900, property in Pine Creek Twp.

r Iron Spirit LLC and Richard B. Strouse to Sheila Stever for $112,000, property in Porter Twp.

r Carl E. Irvin to Henry J. and Diana L. Jolloff for $74,795, property in Beech Creek.

r Patrick M. and Pamela N. Bigatel to Geisinger Clinic for $750,000, property in Lock Haven.

r Michael R. and Karen S. Koppenhaver to Allan Myers for $150,000, property in West Keating Twp.

r Rickey G. Mark to Joseph C. and Nicole L. Mark for $76,491, property in Greene Twp.


r 2 bingo licenses

r 3 small games of chance licenses

r 1 boat transfer

r 86 dog license