Courthouse Round up


r David Michael Miller, of Lock Haven, and Amari Jade Young, of Lock Haven, on Feb. 15.

r Kevin Louis Rohde, of Lock Haven, and Kelli Marie Sayers, of Lock Haven, on Feb. 15.


r Taylor Mitchell Bird and Camille Wyn Brady on Feb. 15.

r Darryl D. and Joanne M. McHenry on Feb. 15.

r Andrew W. and Misty D. Ramser on Feb. 15.


r Carol L. Watkins and Charlotte L. Cattoni to Marian Jean Conn for $120,000, property in Flemington.

r Richard and Deidre Griswold to Elainea J. Welch for $30,000, property in Pine Creek Twp.

r Kevin E. Slagle and Bonita E. Rosengrant to Gerald L. Slagle Jr. for $40,000, property in Leidy Twp.

r David L. and Stephanie J. Barner to Gary L. Smith for $99,000, property in Mill Hall.

r Edward J. and Deborah Starr to Dawn M. Meredith for $74,750, property in Wayne Twp.


r 66 Dog licenses

r 3 Bingo licenses

r 3 Small games licenses

r 1 Boat licenses