r Renee Devon Chopick, of Jersey Shore, to Dennis E. Paulhamus Jr., of Jersey Shore, on Jan. 25.

r Stephanie L. Fecteau, of Lock Haven, to Andrew D. Roos, of Lock Haven, on Jan. 30.

r Robert C. Gleghorn, of Lock Haven, to Marissa N. Paige, of McClure, on Jan. 29.

r Roberto Simon Adriana Jr. of Lock Haven, to Hannah Mae Schlesinger, of Lock Haven, on Jan. 25.

r Gregory David Moyer, of Lock Haven, to Mariana T. Sees, of Muncy, on Jan. 29.


r Joseph and Alyssa Lynn Garbrick on Jan. 26.



r Larry Schell, Anna Mae Schell and Larry C. & Anna Mae Schell Family Trust to Michael R. and Karen S. Koppenhaver for $75,000, property in West Keating Twp.

r Gregory J. Crouse and Luann C. Fedroff to Laura C. Howlett for $152,500, property Avis.

r Barbara Cox to James and Rachel Crawford for $35,100, property in Castanea Twp.

r Millicent R., Walter T., Hillary M. and Hilary M. Wandall to Edward F. Jr. and Traci L. Miller for $20,000, property in Loganton.

r Kevin and Melissa K. Leasure to Desiree K. and Kyle Buttorff for $120,000, property in Crawford Twp.

r Ronald L., Leroy W., Steven W. and Gladys M. Peters to Thomas A. and Jennifer A. Albright for $81,000, property in Dunnstable Twp.

r Samuel and Linda S. Sellers to Zachary S. Shoff for $8,000, property in East Keating Twp.

r Judith G. Young and Sheldon L. Caris to Patrick T. and Shelbey M. Roche for $17,550, property in Mill Hall.

r Patrick G. and Connie R. Tarantella and Connie R. Nihart to Rickie L. and Kay Rhodes for $80,000, property in Renovo.

r Cynthia J. Koch and Terra M. Jacobs to Courtney Jade Smith for $87,000, property in Lock Haven.

r Habitat for Humanity of Greater Centre County Inc., Tri-County Habitat for Humanity of Central Pennsylvania Inc., Jill Redman and Denise Smith to Charles E. Hill Sr. for $80,000, property in Lock Haven.

r Jeffrey F. and Melissa L. Feger to Truc Ngoc Ta, Truc Ngoc Ta and Phuong Quach for $60,000, property in Wayne Twp.

r Claudia Ann Peters, Rodney Lee Rupert and Claude Howard Rupert and Genevieve Mae Rupert to Claudia Ann and Robert E. Peters for $1,800, property in Beech Creek.

r Blaine F. and Mary Christine Kunes to Toby S. Beach for $20,000, property in Beech Creek.

r Daryl J. and Marsha F. Hull to Brett J. McCloskey and Kirstin M. Smith for $116,000, property in Castanea.


r 329 dog licenses

r 3 boat licenses

r 2 small games of chance licenses

r 4 fishing licenses