Courthouse Roundup


– Soraya Barboza-Santa’Ana, of Lock Haven, to Robert S. Cacioppo, of Lock Haven, on Dec. 11.

– Katie Lee Bastian, of Lock Haven, to Kevin Michael Bennage, of Lock Haven, on Dec. 7.

– Elizabeth M. George, of Lock Haven, to Wyatt M. Sanders, of Lock Haven, on Dec. 7.

– Mark D. Smith, of Lock Haven, to Tara L. Welsh, of Lock Haven, on Dec. 6.


– Meagan Rae and Michael Jay Thomas on Dec. 11

– Lynn R. and Sharon K. Bitner on Dec. 10


– Debra K. Beam to William F. Montgomery for $110,000, property in Lamar Township.

– Erika L. Lose, Erika L. and Brandon Eckenroth to Kenneth J. and Shelia R. Wadsworth for $132,000, property in Lock Haven.

– LSF9 Master Participation Trust and Real Hudson Home Management LLC for Amos K. and Lydia S. Beiler for $49,900, property in Lamar Township.

– Tracy S. Roth to John A. and Alyssa D. Crum for $36,000, property in Gallagher Township.

– Raymond Edward Nestlerode Jr. and Raymond Edward Nestlerode Sr. to Peters Painting & Sandblasting Inc. for $27,000, property in Woodward Township.

– Dwayne S. and Kelley A. Wasson to Frank G. and Joyce M. Crossley for $200,000, property in Crawford Township.

– Kim E. Banfer and Francis J. Lovett to Stephen O. and Jean A. Herrold for $40,000, property in Chapman Township.

– Bank of New York Trust, JP Morgan Chase Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Sharon and Elizabeth L. Jukes for $32,000, property in Beech Creek.


– 44 dog licenses

– 1 pistol permit

– 2 bingo licenses

– 5 small games of chance


– Voter Count 12/14/2018

– Democratic Party 8,061

– Republican Party 10,078

– Green 28

– Libertarian 103

– Other 2,597

– Total Voters 20,867

– New Applications

– Democratic Party 4

– Republican Party 5

– No Affiliation 5

– Independent

– Libertarian

– Total New Voters 14

– Number of Party Changes 10

– Number of Address Changes 58