Courthouse Roundup


No marriages were recorded.


– Kasey L. and Joel N. Blesh on Dec. 7.


– Thomas R. Kozlowski to Maribeth Bitner and Dustin Murray for $133,000, property in Avis.

– Glenn L. and Carolyn A. Hedrick to Daniel J. and Lori A. Laird for $240,000, property in Gallagher Township.

– JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC and Scott Hazen to David Zucal for $15,100, property in Renovo.

– Brian M. and Carly Hanna to Sean E. and Stephen Hanna for $137,000, property in Lock Haven.

– Hazel S. Fasano to Matthew B. and Heidi M. Frank for $260,000, property in Wayne Township.

– Jersey Shore State Bank and Aron Carter Sr. to Matthew C. Eaton for $32,500, property in Pine Creek Township.

– Audrey Lynn and Wayne E. Bitner to J&E Structures LLC for $123,500, property in Lock Haven.

– Larry J. and Brenda E. Andrews to Scott M. and Nicole L. Brungard for $8,000, property in Crawford Township.

– Kenneth J. and Debra R. Barner to Jeffrey R. and Amity L. Bowers for $177,500, property in Woodward Township.

– Kristina D. and Samuel A. Gorham to Jonathan L. and Madison J. Race for $120,000, property in Bald Eagle Township.

– Nicole S. and Philip Warner and Nicole Staron Warner to Alexander M. and Jennifer L. Mundis for $162,500, property in Avis.

– Robert W. Simcox to 87 Allison LLC for $125,00, property in Flemington.

– Justin B. and Kristie M. Bryerton and Kristie A. Masters to Julie R. Morlock for $225,000, property in Dunnstable Township.

– Julie R. Morlock and Julie Barner to Jacob S. and Sadie E. Beiler for $295,000, property in Lamar Township.


– 7,849 democrats

– 9,887 republicans

– 27 green

– 101 libertarian

– 2,488 other

– 20,349 total voters


– 3 democrats

– 3 republicans

– 3 no affiliation

– 1 independent

– 10 total new voters