Courthouse Roundup


– Jolie Lyn Bitner, of Lock Haven, and Rick Allen Meadows, of Lock Haven, on May 24.

– Cheyanne Christine Haagen, of North Bend, to Daniel Enrique Sayers, of North Bend, on May 28.

– Dale A. Haines, of Lock Haven, to Eileen L. Lohr, of Lock Haven, on May 24.

– Brandon W. Hanley, of Blanchard, to Katy L. Hanley, of Bellefonte, on May 28.

– Jordan Matthew Mills, of Lock Haven, to Ariana Rashel Weeder, of Lock Haven, on May 24.

– Christopher M. Solomon, of Loganton, to Emily L. Weaver, of Loganton, on May 23.


– Donald R. and Carrie Ann Troutman Jr. on May 28.

– Michael Ray and Nikki Ann Cooper on May 23.


– Wanda Tucker to Dolores Jean Hoyt for $4,000, property in Renovo.

– Yuri J. and Louis Carl Rumbalski to Mark and Jaime Staats for $190,500, property in Lamar Township.

– Thomas L. and Geneva Robinson to Timothy M. and Katie E. Hanna for $47,000, property in Woodward Township.

– Eileen B. McKinney and Eileen B. and Corey D. Weaver to Sugar Valley Rural Charter School for $145,000, property in Loganton.

– Andrew R. and Holly F. Brown to Michael L. and Vanessa M. Walker for $134,900, property in Greene Township.

– Ronald L. and Holly L. Bickle to Jay A. Ringenbach for $282,000, property in Porter Township.

– Richard A. and Gail Confer and Tresia Rickert to Hollie G. Hill for $60,000, property in Beech Creek Borough.

– Chris A. Kneedler and Bobbie Lee Winkleman to Nickolai and Jazmin Ayers for $110,000, property in Lock Haven.

– Wayne G. and Christie M. McRae to Richard Novosel for $175,000, property in Mill Hall.

– Timothy L. and Levina K. Stoltzfus to Daniel K. and Malinda E. Stoltzfus for $600,000, property in Logan Township.

– Jonathan D., Ashley and Michele D. Wilt and Michele D. and James Murphy to Kannafund Holdings LLC for $60,000, property in Flemington.

– David G. Barrows to Kevin A. and Velma L. Buck for $7,000, property in Renovo.

– David L. and Catherine G. Corman to Bradley S. and Kathryn Kelley Myers for $700, property Beech Creek Township.

– Michael S. and Elizabeth Seyler to Catherine M. Seid for $130,000, property in Lock Haven.