God’s Valentine card to all of us

Dear reader, did you pay attention to the weather alert earlier this week warning of around 6 inches of snow and ice Wednesday? Did you prepare?

I noticed crowds in line as I bought bread, milk, and other food to prepare, hunker down, and weather the expected snowfall. I even called the snowplow to get on his list. He came Wednesday, pushing the heavy snow off my three-car driveway. I was saved from a heavy burden!

I expect you paid heed to the storm warning and acted wisely. Thank God for timely warnings enabling us to escape heavy consequences.

Thursday morning I went out to find my two vehicles coated in icy snow. It would not brush off, so I moved them out from the shade to where direct sunlight would hit them. In the 18-degree weather, I then went for my walk. In the 20-degree temperature, I came back and found water dripping and icy snow loosening its grip on the cars where sunlight was directly hitting. It was now possible to remove the icy chunks and discover melted water made the cars look clean in many areas.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day this year. Do not forget your honey on Valentine’s Day or there will be Hell to pay! For how long? Terrible consequences! You are forewarned! Get prepared today!

This column and Lent tell you to get prepared today. God’s Valentine message to you is Jesus Christ — both Son of God and Son of Man. Jesus lived a perfect life within His Father’s pleasure as the Creator’s Valentine card to humanity — to you. Then on Good Friday, Christ Jesus endured a hellish, terrible consequence for humanities and your sin and sins. Jesus Christ’s perfect sacrificial substitution satisfied God’s holy justice that forced Adam and Eve and all their children out of Eden and into this current living experience which can be a foretaste of heaven or hell. The results of hating or ignoring God are evident all around.

Position yourself where the direct rays of God’s Valentine message will melt and loosen sin’s clammy, dark grip clutching you. Discover what cleansing release is experienced when you thank God for the sacrificial love Jesus accomplished when he took your punishment. God’s Word says it is appointed for a person to die once and then comes The Judgment!

You are forewarned. Repenting and believing the good news of Jesus Christ is escaping The Judgment. Get prepared TODAY. Open God’s Valentine card to you! Invite Jesus Christ to come into your life, into your heart, and into your soul. Then make sure you read His Bible, talk back to Jesus in prayer, listen to His guidance, and thank Him in worship with His family of believers. He is watching for you this Sunday. See you in worship here or in Heaven.


Finding Faith is written by area pastors. This week’s column comes from Pastor Roger Yoder of the Lock Haven United Methodist Parish (Dunnstown, Swissdale and Liberty churches).