Hazardous weather advisory issued

The National Weather Service has issued a hazardous weather advisory in advance of snow expected to start falling around 6 tonight.

Some areas of Central Pennsylvania could see two inches of snow, others much less.

Motorists are advised that PennDOT is pre-treating roads today in advance of the potential winter weather forecast to begin this evening.

Anti-icing, as it is called, involves wetting the highway with salt brine before a storm’s arrival. The solution lowers the freezing point of water and slows or prevents ice from forming a bond with the pavement during the early stages of a storm.

The anti-icing trucks may be seen along the area’s interstate highways and other major routes. The salt brine is spread from sprayers attached to the brine tank on PennDOT trucks. The trucks have signs on the backs indicating their purpose.

The snow should last through the night is most areas, making for longer commute times Friday morning, forecasters said.

Meanwhile, after the snow, Friday should become partly sunny with a high near 26, and a low of 11 Friday night.

Saturday should be mostly sunny with a high near 25.

Forecasters said single digit to sub-zero wind chills are expected on Sunday.