Medical marijuana license granted to firm in Clinton County

SOUTH AVIS – Terrapin Care Station in eastern Clinton County has been granted a permit by the State of Pennsylvania to grow and process medical marijuana.

Terrapin received one of just 12 permits among 177 grower and processor applications received, as announced at a press conference today by the state Department of Health.

The firm is officially known as Terrapin Investment Fund 1 LLC on its Health Department application.

The business leases some 40,000 square feet in a plant that formerly manufactured pre-fabricated homes.

Christopher Woods is founder and owner of Terrapin Care Station. He visited the area last year and met with various officials to outline his proposal and work, which has paid off by way of the state permit.

His facility would employ between 30 and 50 people at an average salary of $40,000. Some people will make six figures, he said, and some will make less than $40,000. Both skilled and unskilled labor will be needed, and all will have benefits including a 401(k) plan, health insurance and paid vacation.

There are several components to production, he explained: Cultivation, extraction, packaging and logistics are some of them. Compliance with state regulations will be intensive, he said, and security is also a focus, with Terrapin using a “seed to sale” tracking system.

Woods grew up in Bucks County and earned a bachelor of science degree in bio-engineering from Penn State. He earned a master of science in applied math from the University of Colorado at Boulder and has been able to bring all his skills to bear in this new industry.

He knows how the decline of the steel industry affected Pennsylvanians and is glad to see some revitalization happening. The medical marijuana industry could be a part of that.

He has increased his company’s revenues by 2,000 percent since it was founded in 2010, according to a Terrapin press packet, and was one of the founders of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

“We hope Clinton County can benefit economically,” he told The Express at the time.