Thompson’s district offices closed during shutdown

Congressman upset with Senate Democrats

LOCK HAVEN – U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Howard, is upset with Senate Democrats for allowing immigration issues to cause a federal government shutdown.

Thompson voted in the House last week to keep the government running.

On Monday, following the Senateás failure to act, Thompson issued the following statement:

“I find it troubling that a majority of the Senate Democrats have chosen to severely jeopardize our military readiness, shut down essential government operations, and eliminate health care coverage for low-income children, while setting an arbitrary deadline to address the DACA issue.

“I maintain that we must achieve comprehensive immigration reform, which includes providing certainty on the status of those brought here as children, but a government shutdown is not the way to achieve this policy goal. I have been working toward a bipartisan agreement to protect the fate of the àDreamersá and to ensure our borders are secure for the safety of all Americans.

“In accordance with the law, my Bellefonte and Titusville district offices will be closed and many of my staff members will be furloughed for the duration of any budget impasse. I will remain in Washington working to get this impasse resolved. It is my hope that cooler heads will prevail and we can quickly find a resolution to reopen the federal government.”