Keystone schools to open Thursday

MILL HALL – All Keystone Central schools and offices will reopen Thursday, with classes resuming for the first time since the schools were closed due to mold.

Mold was discovered in two buildings, Central Mountain Middle School and Woodward Elementary School, and the district’s response was to close all buildings starting Sept. 5, for more testing.

Once the mold was cleaned up and the buildings were determined to be safe, classes were scheduled to start again this Tuesday. However, road closings due to flooding streams and creeks kept them all closed for another two days.

Now the waters have receded, school buses can safely run again, and students will go back to class.

Schools opened in August, but since the Labor Day holiday on Sept. 3, students have reported for classes for only one day. Everything was going as planned on Sept. 4, but the discovery of mold and then flooding caused unexpected delays.