The importance of fair trade

In a country where a minimum wage is mandatory, it’s hard for us to imagine that others aren’t protected by such a standard.

Millions of people around the world are working for unfair prices, and unable to live on the income they earn. That’s what makes it so important to buy from companies that support fair trade.

Fair Trade, which advocates paying fair prices to producers of products in developing countries, is an organized social movement that aims to promote better trading conditions and ecological sustainability.

Fair Trade USA states that their goods are just that, “fair.” Labeling something fair trade allows customers to identify products that were produced in an ethical manner.

Most of the products that are being pushed for fair trade are harvested from the earth, like coffee, cotton, vegetables and other foods.

The workers who harvest these products spend hours every day working in fields and farming to achieve an adequate crop.

Fair trade oversight groups seek to ensure that these people earn what they deserve.

Although becoming increasingly more visible, there are still relatively few globally recognized fair trade brands.

One of the most popular however, and one from which I make regular purchases, is The Body Shop. This cosmetics company not only supports fair trade through the ingredients they use in their products, but it is also cruelty free. It avoids animal testing, and takes steps to protect our planet, while offering natural and affordable products.

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