It’s time to give thanks for the establishment media

Thank you, establishment media.

You helped elect Donald J. Trump to the presidency of the United States.

I will reference a few ways by which this was accomplished.

Hillary Clinton had a 98 percent chance of becoming president, indicated by betting agencies, polls, and media outlets.

The press, such as the Washington Post, ran headlines that recently read, “Donald Trump’s Chances of Winning Approaching Zero.”  This story was decisively and continuously pushed by the media to conjure support for the Clinton campaign.

As a result, many Clinton supporters stayed home, because they trusted the narrative. Had the establishment media impartially reported the news and focused on the issues, instead of repetitively telling the populace what to think and feel, the election may have turned out very differently.

Some good things happened as a result of the media’s bad behavior.

This presidential campaign exposed the viciousness behind the establishment press. Although we knew their bias concerning the political scene from past elections, we now clearly understand how the media apparatus operates in the country.

The establishment media failed to report important detailed stories about Clinton, particularly when it came to the Clinton Foundation and foreign governments. Instead, journalists attempted to create their own narrative and provide cover for their candidate, Hillary Clinton.

WikiLeaks did their job for them, and the American public received this good fortune.

We now have documentation, thanks to WikiLeaks, that the most powerful news outlets in the country directly coordinated with the Clinton campaign. We know they fed Clinton debate questions prior to the presidential debate. We know journalists sent their articles, before publishing them, to the Clinton campaign for editing and approval.

Why would the average American believe what the mainstream media report ever again?

Worse yet, the media ridiculed and mocked Trump supporters — a group consisting of tens of millions of people, from different backgrounds, across the country. They told their audiences relentlessly that Trump supporters were racists, sexists, homophobic and xenophobic, backwards, — and even trash. These journalists called average, hardworking American people horrible names, instead of providing comprehensive news.

The establishment media also orchestrated a distressful campaign of fear over a period of many months. They convinced people this was a scary election, and put the public on edge. Fear is a very strong motivator.  This sells more papers, which means more revenue.

The propaganda campaign by the media succeeded in a way, because it convinced a large segment of the population to hate Donald Trump. At some universities, students formed crying circles over the results of the presidential election. They believed the media hype and said they need safe spaces. Some university administrations were happy to oblige.

Unsurprisingly, our students at LHU are level-headed, and I have not observed the over-the-top reaction as seen at some of the Ivy and elite universities.

Another way the dishonest establishment media helped elect Trump is they viscously attacked him like no other person in history. It became so absurdly bizarre that the ordinary citizen no longer believed what the press was insisting, and many sided with Trump.

The average person did not want sensationalized stories, and we became fatigued by them quickly. We wanted to know more about new policy, strategy, and vision. We wanted to know how the candidates were going to get jobs back and their plans to grow the economy.

Perhaps, just as important as aiding in the election of President Trump, is the issue that most people will no longer depend on the establishment media.

This change in awareness will ultimately benefit society, for the corporate media have been the gatekeepers, lying to us for decades.

Now that the election is over, the establishment media will continue to focus on unimportant side issues. They will continue this, because in the past, they benefitted from the system they created.

A fundamental paradigm shift has occurred. During this election cycle, many of us moved to alternative media sources for information. Some of us started to pay more attention to community issues and turned our interest to the conversations in local newspapers.

It will be curious to see if the establishment media, losing viewers and becoming rather irrelevant, are still around during the next election cycle; this is unlikely.

Goodbye CNN.

Goodbye Fox News.

Goodbye New York Times.

You had your chance to ethically carry out an important role in society – and you blew it.

Dr. Kimberly Johnson is a wife and mother raising her family in the Lock Haven area.  Email her at