Life can be beautiful


Lock Haven

I wish I had followed up on this short letter which I started several years ago, however, it is still germane.

When a young lady asked me to attend Friendship Services with her, I agreed to do so as I wanted to please her. However, I didn’t realize what a life-changing event this would be.

I normally prefer to stay in the background at most activities. But on Aug. 2 of that year at the baptismal service, I made a rather big splash when the pastor tried to put me under for the third time. He claims he was trying to help me, but I have reservations.

On the serious side, my life has changed beyond belief since March 25, 2012. The Holy Spirit has entered my life and guides me in my daily activities as I endeavor to grow as a Christian. At this time, I want to thank everyone at First Baptist Church for the friendship and help I have been given and the bright future I anticipate.

One final thought: If you have a friend you might invite to services, please think about it and do so as this could be a life changing event for both you and your friend — and you wouldn’t want to deprive him or her of the opportunity.