A day to give thanks

This world — our world — has become so much more cynical these days as we’re force-fed divisiveness, anger, bad behavior, evil, laziness, stupidity … Sorry, we’re calling it as we see it.

We’ve lost too much of what our elders practiced: Respect for others, reverance, courtesy, accountability and grace.

So even more today, each of us — in order to have peace in our lives and in our world — must learn to step back and appreciate what we have … and who we have.

And we must teach that to and practice it with our children so they learn good values.

We should all give thanks today … in our own ways.

Thanksgiving should teach us that life is about giving, while at the same time expecting ourselves and others to be responsible and accountable.

And ask yourself: Are you making some sacrifices in your life so that you understand what giving really means? As we’ve said before: The things we take for granted, someone else is praying or hoping for.