Applause, Applause!

Each Saturday, The Express community newspaper highlights people, groups and activities our readers deem worthy of applause.

On Jan. 5, my wife and I received a very pleasant surprise. Bob Reem and Bob Cozzi of South Renovo Water Department stopped by at our home in West Renovo to check on our welfare to see if we had water and enough heat to fight off this miserable cold weather. We were both blown away by the unexpected, caring and very thoughtful act of these two men. We have lived here for 40- plus years and this is the first time anybody other than our immediate family ever checked on us to see if we were still alive. This is really a high point and a very welcome and unexpected surprise. Gentlemen…we thank you more than words can express. THANK YOU.

— Larry and Katie Barrows, Renovo

THANK YOU to the kind lady who gave the shirt off her back to the cold bell ringer at Tractor Supply. Your thoughtfulness was appreciated.

The Clinton County Women’s Center would like to extend a THANK YOU to all of the wonderful agencies, churches, groups, and individuals in our community who contributed toward helping our families this past holiday season. The CCWC and the families you all graciously helped with the gift of giving are very grateful for all of your generosity and support! Thank you all and enjoy a Happy New Year!

I would like to THANK all of the people who came out to my blood drive on Dec. 28. This was the second blood drive that I hosted as part of my senior project. The drive was held at the Dunnstown Fire Hall and I would like to extend my gratitude to the fire company for its donation of their facility. At the end of the day, the excitement mounted to hear the total of donations and to know that 40 units were donated helping 120 people made this a true success. To the people who braved the cold weather and made the donations, thank you! Throughout this project I have been able to see people who are committed to giving blood as a way of helping others and make a difference in another’s life by doing so. From my two blood drives, the total units of blood donated amount to 71 units – thank you to everybody who made this possible. To the American Red Cross staff, Thank you for working so hard throughout the busy days. Without the support of my family and friends this wouldn’t have been possible, thank you for supporting me through this experience and I hope that I have been able to help others by hosting the blood drives. I would like to also give thanks to the staff at The Express for being a supporter of not only mine but all high school senior projects, we are tasked with doing a project to help others and without your support the projects would never be heard of or acknowledged. I am grateful for the help of my coordinator with the American Red Cross and I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to Marge Smith for providing direction through this process and for sharing the information about becoming a part of the Leaders Save Lives program and for allowing me to represent Central Mountain High School at the program on the campus of Pennsylvania College of Technology. I would encourage others to become involved in giving the gift of life by donating blood and helping others, together we can make a difference, isn’t that what life is about?

— Olivia McGhee, Mill Hall


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