Applause, Applause!

Each Saturday, The Express community newspaper highlights people, groups and activities our readers deem worthy of applause.

The Annie Halenbake Ross Library wishes to THANK the community for the support of the annual book sale. Community members purchased a variety of materials from cook books to puzzles and new novels. The book sale raised almost $4,000 for the library. Proceeds support the purchase of books and the library’s many community programs. The library also would like to thank the many volunteers who made this event possible, including the Friends of the Library group. Ross Library is a PA Forward Gold Star Library and a proud partner agency of the Clinton County United Way.

On behalf of the Beech Creek 150th Birthday Committee, we would like to THANK everyone who helped make the event successful. Beech Creek Wesleyan Church, Lions Club, Swamp Bottom Farm, craft vendors, Beech Creek Borough employees, Beech Creek — Blanchard Fire Company, Beech Creek Marsh Creek Heritage Museum, Beech Creek American Legion, Beech Creek Borough Council, Clinton County Commissioners, Representative Mike Hanna, Mayor Coakley, Pennsylvania State Police — Brian Kunes, The Express, Walker’s Funeral Home, Lykens Market, The Record, The Studebakers Band. People coming together as a community can make things happen.

— Beech Creek 150th Birthday Committee

A big THANK-YOU to the couple who picked up the tab for the eight Bible study ladies at Creekside on Aug. 9. We don’t know your names, but are appreciative of your kindness.

THANK YOU to Ms. Bonnie, tour guide at the Heisey Museum. She guided my family through what life was like in Lock Haven during the 1880s. She brought local history alive and I thank her again.

— Kathy D.