Claim us!


Turning back the pages to my first article, “Why don’t CMHS alumni come home?” it is evident to me that there is a lack of strong community spirit and significant involvement in Central Mountain High School and Keystone Central School District.

Although that first article focused on the lack of “homecomers,” there is a bigger issue: Lack of support for current students.

Central Mountain calls a piece of land with a swamp (OK … a wetlands) “home.”

Outside of that, our school seems lost and forgotten.

It seems that our community, spread out farther than it seems possible for one bus company to reach, has lost that special place in its heart for its high school.

For example, too many bleachers remain empty.

Auditorium seats tend to be half filled for concerts and fundraisers.

Students, it seems, are left neglected by their community.

As Central Mountain students, we rarely see posters of support in every restaurant window, a crowd of fans in the stands or auditorium, or even someone telling us, “Hey, kids, you guys are doing a great job!”

For one reason or another, whether it be animosity left by the nearly two-decade-old school merger, suspicion left by budget crisis after budget crisis, or a lack of education, too many people treat our schools as a bothersome neighbor that sits just far enough away to forget.

As a result, the children of this community suffer with a lack of spirit … and increasingly, a lack of programming and opportunity.

Our students don’t have what most every movie about small towns exemplifies: School pride.

This does not need to be our reality.

This communal support could mean the difference between an entire program being cut, a club being offered, and even a student graduating.

Our students’ passions and hard work aren’t being seen enough or supported enough, so far as many of us are concerned.

For change to be successfully implemented, it must come from the outside in before it can come from the inside out.

That picture-perfect movie scene of Wildcat blue and white filling the streets needs to become a reality.

To succeed, we need support.

Put aside your doubts, suspicions and concerns for our schools and our entire district and let’s start over in 2019.

There is a way for everyone and anyone to support, whether it is a sign in your front yard, buying a ticket to the next Drama Club production, attending a basketball game, wrestling match, baseball or softball game, or donating to a club you were once involved in.

Throughout my years in KCSD, I have seen glimpses of hope.

I have seen the occasional packed bleachers and full auditorium, large sums of money raised for and by the students, and an effort for positive change in our schools.

These glimpses give me hope that they will some day become the norm for our schools.

I believe in us!

There is so much potential hidden in our community that is dying to be tapped into. This potential has the ability to blossom into a close-knit community with pride in our success, especially the success of our students.

We, as students, are standing with arms open wide.

We, all of us, desperately need your support.

Don’t ignore us because of the building we inhabit, claim us because we are yours!

Sarabeth Bowmaster of Wayne Township is a senior at Central Mountain High School and is the Student Government president.