Letters to our boys

(Editor’s Note: This is another installment of The Express’ “Letter to Our Boys,” written during World War II to let “our boys” know what was happening back in their home towns. The Express will bring the letters to you occasionally, thanks to the efforts of Fred and Anna Snyder, who compiled the letters over several years of research and donated a full copy of them to the Clinton County Historical Society.)

Saturday, MAY 19, 1943


Russell MAURER, of Mill Hall, writes from the Philippine Islands that since shipping out to the Paxific 16 months ago he had met Seaman Tom THOMPSON from Pearl Street and Lt. Robert KLAER, of Loganton. He and Bob had been corresponding regulary and finally met on Wokde Island in New Guinea.

He says: “I thought through your column i might be able to meet up with some of the boys from home as I have noticed several time familiar names of boys who are on the same base as me but not knowing their type of outfit or the number of their unit I am unable to locate them.”

Col. O’Corn would like to print the addresses of the boys mentiioned here but censorship does not permit the publication of service men stationed outside the United States.

In his year and four months in the Pacific, MAURER has been around – from Milne Bay through “our sexond base here in the philippines.” He adds: “It has not all been a plasure campaign but so far am still around and in one piece.

Pfc. William MILLER of Beech Creek, wrote home to sat he met three “Lock Haven football players and school chums” in France April 28. he talked with ” McSHERRY and NESTLERODE, a twin.” The third boy’s name was not mentioned. The boye were lined up waiting to get into a movie when they recognized each other.

Two sons of mr and Mes. Warren CRISPEN, of Mill Hall, are lieutenants. Charles is home enjoying a 30 day leave from Lovell General Hospital, Fort Deven, Mass., with his wife accompanying him. he had been seriously wounded as an infantry officer in Germany.

He was hit in both legs and one arm. His brother, Richard, is now at Guam, having recentlyarrived there.

Pvt. Cal McCASLIN, who was last reported stationed at New Cumberland Reception Center where he was doing some boxing and winning, is now at Camp Blanding, Fla., and is anxious to receive The Express, not having seen a copy since march 12 when he went into the serivice.

Cal writes: “I have been in the in the station hospital since april 8 having ha a very serious operation of a gland in my neck.

Now i am up and around. I expect to be out of the hospital in a week or two or three. I just don’t know exactly when – soon I hope, as I want to help smack thoes Japs.”



Pvt. Karl FARGUS, 31, Avis, in Italy, April 29.


Pfc. LaRue AMITH, from wounds received in Germany April 24.


Pvt. Thomas DULLEN, in Italy since April 23.


Pvt. William KUNES

Heard from — 1st Lt. Fred LAKNER, returned ro U.S. Army, missing since Feb 24 . . . S/Sgt. George BECHDEL, Mill Hall, returned to U.S. Amry, reported misssing April 18 . . . S/Sgt. Edward FRY, safe in France, reported missing Feb 21.


T/4 Harry CALLAHAN, Jr., Fleminton, with 17 points . . . Cpl. Bucky EMERT, Island Route 111 points . . . Cpl. Foster FINNEFROCK, Renovo, 109 points . . . Pvt. Charles WELLEN, medical, at Camp Gordon.

Prisoners Freed From Germans

Maj. William BROWN, Mill Hall, shot down over Leipzig a year ago . . . S/Sgt. Clair young, Mill Hall, taken last Spetember . . . Pfc. William GEYER . . . T/Sgt. ERB, Avis, taken April, 19944.


Sqt. William AIKEY, for 21-days furlough, after 26 months in the China-Burma-India theater . . . Robert STEHMAN, S2/c, 21 days, after ten months in the Pacific . . . T/Sgt. Edward McCLOSKEY, on furlough after a year in England . . . Ensign William ELLIOT, USMS, for 30 days four months in South Pacific . . . Pfc. Kenneth RICKARD, for 30 days, after nine months in italy . . . John STEVENSON, 3rd, RM3/c, for 20 days, after 21 months in Pacific . . . Pfc. donald ROACH, after leg amputation; brother, Robert, slightly wpunded, will returnto his unit in Germany soon . . . S/Sgt. Anthony RIPOLI, wounded in Germany . . . Fred C. LUCAS, S1/c, 21 days, after elevenmotnhs in Pacific . . . 1st Lt. EdTYNDALE, after 25 months in Pacific . . . T/4 George PACKER, for 30 days, afer 29 months in Newfoundland . . . Pfc. Guy BAKER, Jersey Shore R.D. 2, for 23 days, after more than two years in Pacific.


Charles PLANT, to M/Sgt. in Hawaii . . . Charles McLAUGHLIN, jR., TO s/sGT., at Camp Lejeune, N.C. . . . Dean BENNETT, to Captain, in Newfoundland.


Sgt. Ross SALOMONE, fifth battle start in Euroe.


Son. David Lee, to Pvt. and Mrs. Robert W. WELSH, Mill Hall May 12; father sercing in South Pacific, is now a memeber of the ‘Papas Now,” the formal fraternity of papas who have never seen their new-born babes.

Short Takes

Heavy strom hits area, flooding cellar and TC auditorium here; drowning chickens, forcing livestock to higher ground, washing out roads and bridges, damaginggardens in thw outlying areas; slides close lock Have-Farrndsville road . . . State Senator STEVENSON discussed current state legislation at meeting of Republican women.

Old “Model School,” building with tower clock at TC to be torn down as unsafe; replacement plans indefinite. Max BOSSERT, Mill Hall’s mayor, heads new “Borough Officers Association of Clinton County,” formed at conclusion of special school on borough law.

Roy HERR buys Commerce Street home of Art McCLOSKEY, who moves to California. Hanford ECKMAN replaces Bob FORNEY as Boy Scout Council head as Court of Honor brings awards and advancements to many scouts. Max FROMM heads local branch of the Pennsylvania State Education Association succeeding Bob EMERY. Representatives of all cities on both north and west branches of Susquehanna River to be invited here for flood-control conference.

Final report shows Clinton County gives 40,678 used garmets to drive for clothing for Europe’s needy; the quota was 15,000. Taxes come in so well city receives half of year’s receipts in first quarter. M.A. BURKETT heads Rotary Club; Hubert PARKER succeeds George DIACK as secretary after latter asks to be relieved following 12 terms.

Air raid and blackout regulation abolished; street signs and theater lights back on after V-E Day.


Tri-Vans, only unbeaten team, head five-team Church Softball League race at end of second week; Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Flemington, and East Main St. Methodist follow in that order. Bowling tournament for city title nears with six teams entered; league champions: Industrial, Pickups; Business Men’s.