Success of Elks Lodge so important

We understand that members of Lock Haven Elks Lodge 182 past and present are coming to the organization’s rescue as it weathers an investigation by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and the state Attorney General’s Office.

The importance of the Elks Lodge at 216 East Main Street – because of its large-scale banquet room on Lock Haven’s Main Street that’s open to the public for dinners, parties, receptions and more – cannot be overstated.

That’s not to take away from the importance of other social or fraternal organizations’ membership, banquet rooms and commercial operations – the Sons, the Moose and others come to mind.

The Elks’ continued operation and success as a “Main Event” – one that boosts the local economy, the businesses and downtown around it – is paramount.

We understand a meeting last week brought a packed house, nominations for a full slate of officers, an upcoming meeting for elections and installation.

A business run by volunteers is a challenge, and especially when it involves a liquor license in Pennsylvania.

Strong record-keeping and transparency are critical, and – we recognize – difficult amid the annual transition of officers and board members.

The next month to six weeks are crucial.

There is, however, every indication the lodge is rebuilding its leadership team and that the investigations have more to do with individuals than with the lodge’s liquor license.

Food service and bar staff at the lodge has been excellent.

Volunteer leaders need to develop a common vision, show a consistent, long-term willingness to work together and, of course, be transparent.

Moving forward, we hope the Elks Lodge finds the strong leadership this very important organization and downtown venue need and deserve.